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Awakening Sessions with ChristinA

Sessions with me are really quite varied and extensive so I am going to refer you to my website.

If you are still unsure as to what session you would like to have with me, please just contact me, I would love to chat to you.

What can you experience?

Depending on where you are in the world you can 

  • experience the awesomely powerful hands on session that incorporates initiation codes of awakening and much more
  • you can have distant remote visionary healing or
  • and depending on where I am in the world, you can have Sacred Site healing connecting you to power places and Sacred Temples both physical and Etheric.
  • Language of Light incorporating a combination of the awakening language that incorporates Ancient Egyptian language, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Tibetan and ancient Chinese.  This language holds light codes that awakens you and aligns you to a deeper connection with your Soul and Higher Self bringing you into a state of Presence.
  • Sacred Sounds of Light clearing through the mind grid
  • Receive the Sound Keys of Enoch and Sirian Encodement Keys 
  • You can take part in a fully supported spiritually mentored Power of Presence Ascension program incorporating meditation with online support group and personal contact with myself.
  • Spiritual Mentoring / coaching too!
All sessions are very powerful and life altering.  All you have to do is touch base with me!

FREE Stuff with ChristinA of LUXOR Light

You can also find lots of FREE stuff on my website, on Soundcloud and Youtube.

Have fun and I do hope I hear from you soon.  I really would like to help you awaken to the fullness of You!

Here is my website again...

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