Becoming the Numbers Intuitive

Becoming the Numbers Intuitive
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Working with numbers and colour to bring forth the Truth of who you are.

 Expressing your life purpose, understanding your lessons.

This programme will give you the tools and the know-how to understand the global energies on a day to day basis so you can utilise the Universal energies to your advantage bringing you ultimate freedom by choice.

Example of an Intuitive Global Energy Report:  Tuesday 20/7/2010=39/3 This is a blessed day, full of joy and contentment. It is a balanced day, one of Peace and a feeling of support of community especially your spiritual family. The Ascended Masters are close and sending snippets of wisdom if you will only take the time to receive by going into meditation. There is a newness about this day, a freshness that can assist you in being clear in your intentions and trusting that all will simply flow into your lap, because you deserve it. It's a warm and glowing feeling that should be permeating your bodies this day. Close your eyes and accept - another good day for a mandala - draw that circle, get all your colours and create your life with joy and be like the child. Colour theme is yellows and golds - Glorious!!

Don't forget to bring your colour pencils ... watch what you wear lol!!!  and bring some lunch
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