Wednesday, 31 March 2021

New Website, New Mission for LUXOR Light Ascension!

LUXOR Light has moved.  I now have a new website focused on the new direction of 2021 and onwards.  LUXOR Light is constantly evolving with the higher frequencies and advancement with Soul Missions. will also find a new home soon with a new purpose dedicated to the missions of those dedicated healing practitioners and facilitators of LUXOR Light.  Meanwhile you can find all you need to connect with me at .  You will find all my latest blogs at The Return to Love website.  

My new direction includes the Twin Flame Ascension journey.  I am in full spiritual and physical union with my twin flame and our missions are now conjoined walking in harmony and side by side healing polarity.  Each with our own unique mission but both missions to heal and uplift.  My twin flame focuses on clearing dark and negative energies that are causing individuals to be stuck in 3d.  My personal mission is to take you beyond and into the Infinite.  Together we are a great team!

My full Spiritual Mission began in 2004 when I was spontaneously downloaded with the LUXOR Light Ascension Frequency.  My life catapulted on an amazing journey as I learned about the ascension through my own unique set of gifts.  Along the way, I met and began to merge with my twin flame.  This enabled me to learn about ascension in a new way, but the two journeys are not separate.  Now in full union I am able to assist all on the ascension, those with and those without twin flames.... meet with me and let's get started! 

You can also find a lot of my services on Etsy at 

Please visit and also please get in touch!

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  1. This is a great new website Full of so many wonderful things to read and services to try Thank you


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