Monday, 30 December 2019

Activating your Merkaba 333

Reading for the Week 333

Today was the final 333 day for December 2019 and such beautiful energies leading us out of 2019 and into 2020.

Each Monday at 12pm Egypt time I go live to bring you a message for the week received via my Higher Self and then I bring through a transmission from Ametron in the Sacred Sound Codes that awaken and activate us through the gifts of the brow chakra.  This work is for the individual but also our part in activating also for humanity.

In due course individuals are opening and strengthening their gifts of the brow chakra, such as healing and becoming visionary.

This week we are activating our Light bodies as we rise up and take our place travelling through the dimensions with our fully activated Merkaba to take our place in the higher realms.

Please join us at Ametron Bringer of Truth and if you would like a reading with me for the New Year just $66AUD Pay here and I will get back to you to make a time for a live video reading.  I focus on your spiritual growth, your spiritual path and assisting you to know what is happening for you on your ascension and spiritual journey.

We are flying out of 2019 in our chariot of Fire!

If you would like to purchase the Light Codes Sound Activation for Activating your Merkaba please order here  just $15AU

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