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Hip Chakras and 11.11

Activating the Hip Chakras

Today I woke with pain in my hips at the front of the body.  Over the last 20 years or so, I have come to discover through observing my own body, that at times when I am activating or embodying new chakras I have pain in that area of the body.  For instance, once I had pain in my knees for more than a year.  I intuitively knew I didn't have anything to worry about, but even still it was hard for me to sit in cross-legged position and when I did it would hurt when I got up.  Something within me, said there was nothing wrong but something was happening to me.  As I thought, after a year or so, it mysteriously went away and didn't come back.

Last week I became aware of a strange pain in the back of my left knew and it was uncomfortable to walk.  It bothered me, but I again, intuitively thought I must be clearing something and yes, it went away.

Today when I got up, I noticed pain in the very centre of both hips at the front of the body.  One could argue that I'm just getting old and wrickety, but I refuse to get old.  I believe our body breaks down because we have conditioned ourselves to think that way and if we become the observer of our body, we will soon discover it is simply talking to us.  I haven't figured out what my wrinkly neck is trying to tell me yet!  haha!

Anyway, back to the hips.  Hips are part of a particular minor chakra system that helps to feed the energies down to through base chakra to help integrate our energies into the earth stream so we can receive vital health giving energies from Mother Earth.

We have many chakras and you will read about many different chakra systems that people have discovered as they have moved through their own healing process and some may even be psychically shown to clairvoyant readers when this particular system is being activated for humanity.   We each develop at different times and each hold a different holding place on the sacred geometric grids of spiritual development.  I don't know if anyone can really have all the answers, so I say, listen with ears that are aligned with your inner knowing and take what resonates with you.  Don't assume that what you read is all truth because it is usually just one piece of the puzzle that has been shown or seen by someone, but it's not the whole picture.

Hippy Movement Forward

Try this.  Stand tall, with your feet facing directly in front of you.  Stand in what yogis call the "mountain pose".  Now scan your body up to your hips and place your hands with thumbs behind you and your fingers in the hollow at the front of the hips.  The place where your tall finger rests is the place of the hip chakras.

Both my hips were sore in this very place.  Sore might not be the right word, but tender enough to bring my awareness to them.  Imagine them like energy centres that vibrate to light, like light beams.  Imagine them shining directly in front of you.  If you twist they are not shining the way, instead you will fall off balance.  But, if you stand tall, and imagine them as beacons of light, torches shining the way, you will be able to feel how they operate.  The hips help us to move forward, but this movement forward is more like a stride, a big stride.  So, these chakras begin to be activated when you are ready to take a big stride forward.

November 11.11 and our Hips

November is a very powerful month.  The 11th month signifies an opportunity for us to reach enlightenment, even if only for a brief moment.  It's such a powerful healing vibration.  It's a master month in fact.  Actually it is our "only" master month.  11 is both masculine and feminine because 1's are masculine in nature.  Here we have 1's in double form, which means the masculine has come into his power and he can't "do" so unless he is equal to his feminine.  1+1=2.  2 is Feminine, intuitive and seductively creative, she seduces her masculine into doing, which is action oriented.  We cannot create unless we are prepared to take action or "do" something.  This is the combined power of the masculine and the feminine, to "do" in order to create.

Hips 11.11

So, let's look at the hips again.  They stand side by side just like the 11.  They are linked to the doing chakra which is the base chakra and they are also linked to the creation chakra which is the sacral chakra.  What happens when masculine and feminine come together?  They create and give birth to something new.  That's what November is all about... creating and birthing and coming into power together,  not alone, they do it together.  In order to do it together they have to come together, they have to be "aligned".  So, the activation of the hip chakras is all about striving to move forward in harmony and in sync.  One side is about striving spiritually and the other side is about striving to learn and be stimulated.  The left side is about the spiritual or feminine striving and striding and the right side is about physical doing or masculine striving and striding.  We need both to connect us to heaven and earth.  It's keeping the balance.  Are your hip feeders balanced and in harmony with each other.

11.11 Gateway to Infinity

Now, November gives us the 11.11 gateway to the Double Infinity chakras.  What are double infinity chakras?  Double Infinity chakras are activated when we have made connection and are merging with the twin soul.  This begins when you have activated the tenth dimensional chakras.  What we see here is that the month of November gives us the opportunity to awaken these chakras after we have activated our full masculine and feminine chakra system and are then ready to magnetise to our twin flame 11.11.  

Once we have fully activated the twin soul connection and fully merged and come into union at the spiritual level of the 10th dimension, we are able to propel forward into the double infinity Gateway towards full enlightenment.  That's what the 11th month offers us.  It offers us the opportunity to reach enlightenment.  Like I said before if you do this for even an instant, you will have been there and you will go there again and again and again and each time you go there, you will hold it for longer and longer. 

Enlightenment, or full ascension can only happen when you are fully in union with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine at the level of the 10th dimension, where Soul begins to heal the split.

Affirmation to Activate the Hip Chakras

"I am striding forward bringing my spiritual mission into creation always learning new things.  I continually strive to raise my consciousness for me and my twin flame."  

Until my next article on chakras in the feeder alignment.... I say thank you for reading along!  I hope you take me up on some of my super deals I'm going to be offering.

Infinite Blessings to you!

I am guided to share the information that is given to me intuitively.  I am filtering through my human and therefore, am open to human mis-interpretation.  Take what resonates for you in the now moment and leave the rest. 

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