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Heading towards 2020

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I see clearly now 2020 vision!

I've been back in Egypt now nearly 2 months!  My how time flies!  This year I stayed in Australia longer than usual and I really felt I had been away too long.  But I'm back now and all is in full swing as we head toward 2020!

What is 2020 going to offer us?  Clear vision one would hope!  Do you know where you are going for 2020 or what you will be doing during 2020?

It's certainly going to be a masterful year because it also encompasses the 22 Master Builder vibration. Let's take a look at some of what 2020 has in store for us

2020 Clear vision

2020 is not perfect vision by the way, but it's certainly helping us see things more clearing.  With such a vibration globally, just imagine how much better we can make the world if everyone is seeing more clearly.  I don't mean visually either, I think you know that.  I mean, seeing things in a clearer perspective.  Finding our pathways, stepping onto the soul path.  Understanding ourselves better and simply moving in new directions with more comfort and ease, simply because, you just know it is right for you.  This is one of the biggest things that 2020 has to offer us and it is so very exciting!

Breaking it down to 22 

If we break the numbers down to 22 we can add even more awesomeness to the equation.  This is double harmony, imagine what that means for twin flames and soul mates!  22 is a masterful number and always promises great things.  It's the master builder.  So imagine this.  You can see clearly with the 2020 inner vision and you have the power of the 22 master builder and architect to help you bring your vision into reality!  Now that's something.  Not just you, but everyone has this opportunity.  I guess not everyone is going to take advantage of it, but those that do, will certainly be making good things happen.  2020 is really a positive year for everyone.  
22 can be double co-dependency, so be careful there, you don't want to get caught up on that side of things.... go with the double creativity, double harmony, double, double double... this is all about doubles.  It is a fantastic vibration for twin flames and the coming together and you may have found that your journey toward harmony with your twin flame has already kick started.  Toward harmony I said... not the mirroring, not the hard slog journey of drawing out the wounds of each other, but the harmony that enable union to take place.

Coming back to 2020

So, let's come back to 2020.  If 2 is harmony and creativity and partnerships 1+1=2 and a coming together, what is 0?  
0 energy brings in Spirit, the divine, so look how powerful the harmony, creativity and partnerships are.  They are powered by Spirit, that means your Soul is very active in 2020 to bring you together with all that is in alignment with your soul.  Your Soul with be in harmony... oh that feels so nice!  Your creations will be Soul driven, your partnerships and relationships will also be Soul related.  Twin Flames come together in harmony and unity.   Soul Mates recognise each other and join together!

Break it down further to 4

If we break it down all the way, the thing that stands out to me, is it's all heart!  The Heart Chakra is the 4th chakra, the bridge between worlds!  Yes the Bridge between worlds!  Imagine how many people will awaken in 2020!  Not just first awakenings, but second awakenings, third and more!  It's a mighty awakening year!

So many people will have cleared enough baggage to shift into the Higher Realms and New World of Higher Consciousness in 2020.  The fears will have been faced and cast aside and stepping up and onto the Bridge of the Heart and up into awakening the Higher Heart, stepping ever so much closer to fully working your Truth.  Third dimensional chaos dealt with, 4th dimensional emotional baggage cast aside!  Fifth dimensional consciousness and beyond where we see so clearly without all the heaviness of the old worlds.  And new horizons beckon us!

So 4, can be hard work and of course we are not saying you can get all this amazingness without hard work.  But the work will be worth it and you've done most of it anyway.  Now it's the coming together.  Setting strong boundaries and setting firm boundaries to help bring all this 2020 clear vision and Soul driven harmony into place.

Ascension and Spiritual Growth

2020 is going to be an amazing year for ascension and spiritual growth, it's so exciting!  What is ascension?... ascension is ascending or going up in vibration, raising your frequency, becoming more of your spiritual self.  We rise up to our Higher Selves and claim our purpose, our mission and our gifts to Humanity.  

LUXOR Light Ascension Program assists you to become all that you can be.  You can choose to do the work at your own pace version, or work one on one with me, ChristinA and receive some awesome spiritual coaching at probably the lowest cost to you that you can find anywhere.  Average session is 3 hours one on one with me!  One on one is geared specifically for you!  Where you are at, is what leads us into the teachings, it's leading you into mastery with your very own coach who has already been there and been teaching and guiding for over 15 years!  Don't miss out.....

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