Monday, 16 September 2019

Light Codes - Letting Go of the Old

jesus on the cross

Week 77 - August 16 - 22 Energies 

Today's vision was shown to me as Jesus on the Cross.
I thought about this. What does it mean to be nailed to a cross? If we see the cross as our suffering or our burdens and we a "nailed to it", imagine feeling your burdens, challenges, pain and suffering, which we all can and we stay with that suffering until we can bear it no longer. This is the point of true healing. Who was nailed to the cross in my vision? Jesus was nailed to the Cross. After the crucifixion, Jesus became the Christ and I feel this is the message for us today. When we master our greatest challenges or sufferings and still remain filled with compassion for the situations or the people and for that have played a part in that, and for ourselves even (because we are usually our own worst enemy), we are able to set ourselves free and find our Christed Self. It's sort of a message about dying to the old self and trusting that you will be born again with a higher consciousness and become the Christ Self.
We are in the month of September. This is the 9th month, a month of endings and completions, a month of golden energy and higher wisdom. This fits perfectly. We are always dying off to the old and becoming new again. If we are consciously following this path, we know we are striving always toward or Christ Self, to receive it and to embody it.

Today is week 77.

7, is a sacred number and is a symbol of eternal life and perfection. It means we are on the right track and that we walk the righteous walk. Jesus walked the righteous walk on the stations of the cross before he was crucified, so we can see now why the vision today. There are no coincidences but I am always amazed at how the visions connect with everything else that is happening at the time. We have just had the Harvest moon and it was in the sign of Pisces. Jesus was the bringer of light for the age of Pisces. This moon leads us toward the Spring Equinox (southern hemisphere) and Autumn Equinox (Northern Hemisphere). This moon always symbolises a time where everything is illuminated in order to gather the harvest. The Full Moon sheds its brilliant light, making everything easier to see and gather awareness from. Because the Moon is in a water sign, it helps us to feel as if we have “come home” and into a place of peace and tranquility. It had a nourishing and tender and sensitivity about it and enables us to become more finely attuned to our emotions. It was about us finding compassion. So if everything is illumined, that means we are able to see things we may have left hidden in the shadows previously. Our greatest fears (crosses) come to light and we either drown in them, or we see them in an "enlightening" moment that enables us to gather more strength than we have ever had before and step up into more of our True Self (Christ Self).
The sun is still in Virgo which asks us to find healing and balance and find practical solutions to bad habits that we may have been carrying for some time, and are now ready to release. It's an opportunity to let go as all Full Moons are, coupled with it being the 9th month, that makes it even more powerful for the letting go. The door is open, will you walk through?
With the transformational energy of the 77 powering this weeks energies and receiving the message of Jesus on the Cross, we can see that we are in a major transition from pain and suffering and into freedom. 7+7=14/5 and this is an energy of freedom with heart based thoughts that enable compassion in all areas of our lives and that in turn sets us free and into liberation.
I feel I could write forever on this message and can certainly see how it fits in with my life at the moment. I feel I have conquered the greatest challenge of my life through this period. I hope it makes sense to you and you can "make light" of it and become the Light you are to the world. Jesus was said to be the light of the world and anyone who could do the same, which I supposed means face our greatest suffering and fears and challenges, we shall never walk in darkness anymore, but have an enlightened life. That simply means being able to shine the light on our own darkness.
Often when I see Jesus on the Cross during healing sessions, I see it as an initiation phase.
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