Monday, 9 September 2019

Alchemy of Union

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Strengthening the Bond between Masculine and Feminine

Today when I went into meditation, I saw the masculine and feminine holding hands as they walked. I'm shown this a lot lately and so I tried to look past it thinking it was not the message, but it would not go away. As I sank deeper into the vision and deeper into the meditation I was guided that union is more than a physical re-union. I was drawn to the interlaced fingers and the strong connection holding them together. i was reminded that on the physical we play out the human dramas and stories and yet there is something else happening on the spiritual levels. We are asked to step aside from human drama and place our awareness on the strength of the bond between our masculine counterpart on the spiritual realms. If we fight against it on the human levels, we stop the work that is happening on the other levels. Step aside from our own struggles whether that be with our own masculine side or our masculine counterpart. It's ok to step aside and find a place of peace where we can connect from the higher realms which is where the work is done anyway with the help of our spiritual guides and teachers on higher dimensions. We are reminded to let go of the human story, find our place of quietude and go deep within and connect with the divine masculine so our work can begin or continue in the direction it is meant to go. We do not need to be in physical union for this to happen, we need to be always aware of our own connection to both aspects of self within our own energy field and be in harmony with that. Now this work seems to continue to flow toward twin flame dynamics, but I want to remind you that it is beyond that, because each and everyone of us has a masculine and a feminine aspect in our chakras. Each and everyone of us must come into union with ourselves, that is the twin within. Some of us have an incarnate twin, some have twins helping from the higher realms, but what all of us are reminded about here is, that it is not about the stories, the dramas and the struggles that are sent to teach us to find that harmony with the opposite side of us within ourselves. We are walking the path to ascension and we must have the balance of the opposites for that to take place. Let go of preconceived ideas and walk in harmony with yourself, with all of you, the masculine and the feminine and see where it leads you. Keep your awareness on your ascension, not looking for something outside of yourself, because it is not outside of ourselves that the magic happens. No matter how hard the reflection is that stares back at you, it is always a wound within, or you could say it is a teacher within trying to get you to take notice at what within you still needs balancing and harmonising for full union with Oneness.

September Energies

We are in the month of September, the 9th month. It's time to let go of old outworn concepts. This is the golden month, the month where true wisdom can come forth if you let it. This is the month of the masculine in all his shades within you and reflecting back at you from the external physical incarnations be they partners, sons, friends, fathers, or your own connection and beliefs around "God". It's time to let go of the past and harness the the power of the sun within us and truly shine our inner wisdom so others can shine too. It's time to rebuild trust and gain greater understanding.... today we are offered these light codes and our session will help us to activate them and have the full experience....
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