Monday, 19 August 2019

Energetic Boundaries

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Energies of the Week

Each week I am given the Light Codes for a particular theme that is strong for that period of time.  We work from Monday to Monday.  It all starts with a vision and a message in my morning and later in the evening I hold a group on Zoom and we are given the Light Codes or a message in the language of Light.  These Light Codes and Messages through the language of Light are very powerful healing and awakening messages that help to bring us into alignment with the Highest Order of things as we transition through the Shifts that are constantly upon us.

Energetic Boundaries

It took me a long time to receive today's message. I went into meditation for nearly an hour before the vision appeared and pulled me out of the meditation. I saw a medieval city with castles and walls around it. I understand this to be a message about protecting all that is within our energy field. The castle is symbolising our Higher Self. The city is symbolising our community and all that goes on in our lives. Medieval times were pretty much gruesome times where there was a lot of brutality and laws were not really enforced. But the city was always surrounded by a wall for protecting from outside invasion and interference from others. The vision took me by surprise as I was in deep meditation flitting in and out of awareness and all of a sudden the vision thrust me into awareness. This in itself is a message of being alert or aware of what is happening in your environment, so you are not taken by surprise. So, in general I feel the message is about protection and boundaries.

Self Love

Last week we received the Codes of Self Love / Higher Self. To look after the higher aspect of self, part of this is to do with having strong boundaries. In these times where the veil is thinning all the time and some people are waking up and others trying to wake up and others still not there yet, it is important to remember to we are open to invasion. As people are trying to step into their mastery and reclaim their full power, it can often be a confusing time. Past life stuff comes up to be healed and people clearing darkness from past lives may find they are unconsciously using powers from ancient and medieval times and this can invade your energy.
You will feel an invasion to your energy field as an angry energy that you don't know where the angry feeling comes from. It's not you, but someone in your energy that should not be there. I've experienced this type of invasion many times over the years since my awaking in 2004, so I am very familiar with it, but I still get taken off guard by it. One of the reasons it is so important to understand this, is because we are moving into a world of Truth and Integrity and we need to learn and understand the laws of the universe.

New World of the Fifth Dimension

In this new world that we call the 5th dimension, we are meant to be able to be fully open, not closed off like in the old days where we were told to close our chakras down for protection and so forth. No, that is the old world, the world where it was needed to have big walls around our cities to keep out the invaders. This new world, of truth, integrity and all things pure and of Light, we need a new form of protection and that is what the codes/messages are about today. It's about boundaries of self and for the self but not building walls. It's a way of being, of knowing, rather than a way of building walls around us. Reverence and respect is expected in this new world and that means on the energetic levels because most of our interactions are now happening very openly on an energetic level as people open to their own energy.
Listen to the messages of your dreams and the words that may come to you in your sleep or just pop into your mind. They will always be giving your direction and telling you what is going on in the world you are not aware of. This has been happening to me since the beginning of August and I have heard it is happening to others as well. It's a learning journey, but never fail to listen to what your energy and higher self is trying to tell you. Energy does not lie and true wisdom is held within the energy. Learning to understand it is the key.
Today, I am guided that we will receive through the Light Codes a healing and a teaching on how to develop strong natural energetic boundaries so we are not prone to invasion as the world tries to wake up out of the chaos. We have to move through the chaos and find harmony before we can find the fifth world of Truth and integrity. We need to understand the laws of the Universe through our Higher Selves and embody this in our physical world.
The reason the teachings and healing is so powerful through the light codes and language of light is because our ego is removed and we are not filtering it through our mind into a form of lesser knowing that then creates more chaos... welcome to the the Light Codes through Ametron, Bringer of Truth....

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