Monday, 5 August 2019

Day 10 Lion's Gateway

Midway Lion's Gate

Week 71 which become 8 when we are leading up to the Lion's Gate. The interesting thing is that this is the first Codes day for August, the 8th month. this is week 71 which becomes 8, so we have an 8.8 vibe going on. Not only that, but next week is the close of the Gate on the 12th, we are in for some mighty powerful stuff. Last week we were given teachings from Lord Enoch and if you haven't listened to your recording please do so, they are so important. It's been a whirlwind Gateway, so expect it to peak by Thursday and then we pass through and complete by next week on the 12th.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Image may contain: nightSo, today's vision was accompanied by a very high energy of excitement that comes with being in the pinnacle of Source energy, the energy of manifestation and becoming. I saw two hands holding a crystal lotus with flame in the centre. One flame, but two pairs of hands cupping the crystal lotus with the flame. Two pairs of hands belonging to divine masculine and divine feminine. It looked like or rather felt like a marriage, but not a human marriage, something beyond that. The flame is only one flame, so I feel it is about the soul. Each of our souls being one flame but that one flame separates into two. But ultimately it is one soul, one flame when fully merged. I don't think the masculine and feminine are particularly human although they look it, but they are more divine than that, so we are talking about the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine watching and remembering the flame as one soul and the extensions are two.
As I wrote last week, this is a coming together. There are 3 Mondays encompassing the Lions Gateway to receive the codes, plus the 8.8 Gate codes... so a set of 4 codes and teachings coming through. 4 is the salt of the earth and is a number of "being". It connects mind-body-spirit with the physical world and symbolises the security of home and when we come into harmony we are "Home". This is just some of what number 4 symbolises. but I also wanted to mention that it is that the fourth line in the Lords Prayer is "Give us this day our daily bread"... this is symbolising abundance and always being provided for. It symbolised the equal armed cross which symbolises man. It also symbolises the fourth day of dawning when spiritual understanding releases us from the grave of materialism and bring awakening to the one light (just like the one flame).
We are in a very potent time and everything happening here now for all of us holds very potent learning.
If you wish to receive the codes for tonight pay here 
Happy Lions Gateway transitions!

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