Monday, 26 August 2019

Ametron Truth Weekly Light Codes August 26 - September 1

Pure Unconditional Love of Source

This morning when I went into meditation to see what the energies were about this week, I was taken through a deep healing. I saw great shards of light pouring down and through me. It brought me to tears at every chakra as I felt the great light purifying my being. I sobbed deeply as I felt the Great Love of Source washing through me. I realised this is the last session for the month of August when the great unconditional love of God Self is asking us to truly put ourselves first and immerse ourself in Self-Love. We worked with the Love of Higher Self 2 weeks ago and this week we are reminded as we finish this series of Unconditional love Light Codes.

Saxaphone healing the deepest wounds of sorrow

I then saw someone playing the Saxaphone. The sound of the saxaphone helps us to heal the deep sorrows that we have kept buried for a long time. It can help us to heal heart wounds and connect with the feelings of love to feed the self with that love. In fact take the sounds of the saxaphone through every chakra, because each and every chakra is an aspect of our self and we must learn to love every aspect of self. As I came out of the healing I saw the masculine and the feminine walking forward hand in hand. Remember, we are healing the divine masculine and the divine feminine within ourselves first before we can fully ascend.

Loving the Mirror of Self

Week 74 if added together becomes an 11, so here we see the mirror of the self asking you to trust (7) in your heart (4). See the love of Self, feel the love of Self, have love for Self. This is about the Self, your Self, love for your Self.
Today is a 55 day, offering us new beginnings with changes that can now not be stopped. 55 is asking us to be fully immersed in our truth, allow it to absorb us, to shine from us and to be the light that leads us forward.
Welcome to the Light Codes of Unconditional Love. The theme of the month of August.
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