Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Ametron - My Angel of the Presence

Way back in 2010 after a great process of initiation that saw me lose all my worldly possessions, my home and even having to relinquish care of my youngest son to his father.  I struggled with what had happened to me and what people would think of where I had found myself.  I had nowhere to go, no money, no home and no idea how I was going to climb back up into this material world.  I was numb, my heart had been broken.  I had been sacrificed; ripped torn and thrown to the hounds to be consumed by the nothingness.  

A power from deep within me, greater than any force I have ever come into contact with began to rise from within me and bellowed like thunder shattering the Heavens above me.  I could not stop it rising upward, I felt my tiny body would self destruct with the power of sound that poured through me.  I saw with my inner eye what I felt was my soul shattering all over the universe and I felt the sorrow of loosing my All.  Lifetime after lifetime I have worked to bring my soul back together only to watch it shatter into billions of tiny fragments.  How, can I undo such damage, how can I come back to the One?  The sounds flowed with a torrent not unlike a flash flood that felt as if the power of it would cover the earth herself.  The Great Flood of sound poured through me and I could not contain it.  My body trembled and I could hear with inner ears the Great Beings we call the Angels bellowing in unison with me.  What was happening to me?  And then it was over.  Stillness, nothingness, just raw, empty and stripped of all that ever was.

There was nothing, my slate was bare.  And then a new guidance birthing new light, new energy, new sounds that held a great healing power began to move through me and I was given a name and that name was Ametron.  

What was that name, who was that name?  I sought and I sought to know the meaning of that name, to find the owner of that name.  I could not find it anywhere but I discovered the meaning to be "Powerful Beyond Measure".     These sounds that birthed through me on that fateful day were "powerful beyond measure"; all encompassing. There must be a connection.  

My guidance told me it was my Soul but still I did not really know.  Then one day I was visiting my dear friend "Jabir", Holy Man from Luxor who has the gift of sight and wisdom.  I asked him "who is this name Ametron"?  He said through translation from Arabic to English "it is a Great Angel who is with you all the time".  

Still I have wondered, is it my Ascended Self? Is it the name of my soul and what does all this mean anyway? 15 September 2013, a day that resonates with my soul vibration, I found my answer.  Ametron is my Angel of the Presence, my Solar Angel and yes my ascended self or my future self.  

My birth name is ChristinA Jean Ritchie carrying the destiny of 104/5 and Ametron is my reborn self carrying the destiny of 32/5.  The vibration of 32/5 is the very energy of the New Earth one of Divine Truth and learning to hold the immaculate concept (pure thought on behalf of others) and this is my every moment of focus, how to help others to raise their consciousness to come to that place of the perfected Hu man and embrace the Christ Consciousness or the Soul to rise in ascension. Same lifetime, same destiny but different variants.

My purpose since 2004 was bringing through the purpose of the energy that birthed through me then that has become known as LUXOR Light.  The destiny vibration of LUXOR Light is 56/11. On the day that Ametron was given to me I was guided to a purpose that held the name Ametron Truth as what I was to do.  Ametron Truth destiny is 56/11; again same lifetime, same destiny and yet I did not decide any of these things they were given to me synchronisticly. 

For many years I saw a large A.  It would come to me in meditations, in mandalas, in dreams and visions and I never knew what it meant.  I adopted the large A on the end of my name ChristinA so people would know I was not Christine and many people had already began to call me "Christ in her"  or Christ inner".  I now see my Christed Self is in Ametron.  

I walk on my path now as ChristinA knowing who I Am fully embodying Ametron with my A.  And I thank Jabir, for giving me the Truth that I simply needed to understand.  

Understanding comes with faith, comes with purpose and comes with never, never quitting.  
"A Saint is a sinner who never gave up".

I give thanks to the following post for the confirmation

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