Thursday, 8 August 2019

8.8. Lion's Gate

yellow, violet and red Lion Colour therapy
Image belongs to Rebecca Wang

8.8 Lion's Gateway

8.8 Lion's Gate. We are in Day 13 of the Lion's Gateway that opened on 26th July. Today is the peak of this cycle when a great influx of Light Codes are being sent to us via the Sirius Central Sun. In the system I work with today becomes a 37/10, these numbers 3 and 7 are the two most magical numbers of all and when combined enable us to access the great wisdom codes that connect to the sacred architecture of humanity. They weave magic on and of themselves via the universe and we only need to be in alignment with Source energies to receive their wisdom. Today they correspond with the 8.8 Lion's Gate, so we are given a wonderful opportunity to embrace these frequencies to an infinite degree.
Do not play with magic, you are the magic and to access that magic all you need is alignment and all that is "belonging to your Soul" will be yours. Today is another reminder to let go of the old ways, where magic, was something conjured in the mind and given a physical exertion.
Today, to truly lift your spirit to rise to ascension and into the 5th dimension and beyond, let go of control, let go of needing wanting and desiring and just be. This is a karmic month, this is a karmic day, this is a karmic gate for those who cling to the old ways. But for those who rise into the infinite realms and align with Source energy and trust that all is divine and let go of attachment and stay in true unconditional love, today is a Gateway to the Infinite potentiality of all that our Souls wish to open to us.
Today we say goodbye to what was and we align with what is and always will be. As the two worlds come together on this day, the third dimension and the fifth dimension, it may feel like two worlds are colliding. Remember, this is a merger and all that is not in alignment with Truth and Integrity, with Soul and with the Divine cannot enter. You may feel this as the energies try to merge. You may feel it as the Higher Frequencies try to dissolve the old ways so they no longer exist. Rise above, do not get dragged down. Know that you are worthy of all that these most sacred and divine alignments want for us. Don't go kicking and screaming, just feel, say goodbye, I love you, I am choosing a new light, a new world a new way. All that cannot be dissolved into the new light, must move away from you, let it go, it has another time. Let Go and Let God.... Happy Lion's Gate, we have arrived!
The colours supporting us today are yellow - brilliance itself, expansion and clarity. Violet - knowingness, trust, divinity, keeping the faith and "be". Red - the great initiator, allowing us to take action and move forward into the wonderful new beginnings that await us; Life force and drive... literally driving us Home....
Day 13 is the NOW moment, it's arrival into the God Force, no past, no future, only NOW. This is a pinnacle moment of time, a moment when true magic happens, but you don't have to do anything, you just be in alignment. Mind can be dangerous, desires can be dangerous. Align with Soul and stay true to the Greater Good. Be the Lion, be the master of stillness, of Soul, of Light, of Love. Just Be and all else will unfold according to the world you are living in. Infinite rewards or karma...... 

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