Monday, 1 July 2019

Do You Believe in Unicorns

I'm a Believer Yeah Yeah Yeah

Wow! I really have to fess up today!
Today I went into meditation as i always do to receive the message for the week and I had to stay in meditation for a long time because I was trying to get past something.... now I'll start with last night...
Last night I did a distant healing for someone. This healing too about 2 hours. All the way through the healing meditation I was shown Unicorns. Now the thing is and this is where I have to fess up. I have never really believed in Unicorns. When people have talked about Unicorns, I've been the one to have the attitude of ... oh come on... get real! Well last week I was talking to someone and I said to them I did not resonate with dragons and unicorns. So, last night the first vision I was given in the healing was of a dragon... a sweet magic dragon... and after this I saw a Unicorn and in every chakra I saw unicorns. Now 2 hours is s long time to see Unicorns, so I had to realise I was not imagining Unicorns... Unicorns were imagining me!... Wait that is all... today I had a new client and I started on her healing and lo and behold I saw a Unicorn! I ignored it and went on with the healing thinking I was imagining it after last night. But that is not all, I was ... I'm not telling her I saw a Unicorn... get real! Anyway, the Unicorns stayed all the way through the healing. So, I thought to myself, I really have to accept that Unicorns are real! They have come into my reality, therefore they are real. So, after I left my clients house I went shopping and bought myself some Unicorns to bring their magic into my life a little more.
Next, I came home and prepared my room for meditation, incense and candles and sat to meditate and I'm met by Unicorn. Ok, now I think I am imagining Unicorn this time, so I went deeper into clearing and more deeper into the meditation... I went so deep I kept nodding in and out. After an hour as I had been in so deep in the nothingness I jolted out of the meditation and there in my minds eye was... you guessed it... a Unicorn! I laughed to myself and said, accept it, you are seeing Unicorns because Unicorns want to be seen. Then I was shown a vision of a translucent golden illumined face and I knew it.... now wait, I came in here to write up the message because by now, I am a believer.....
Unicorns only show themselves when we are pure of heart and those that are pure of heart are filled with love. This week is Week 66... double love energy, 6+6=12/3 3 is yellow, the most illuminous colour of the spectrum. When we have mastered the love vibration which is what a 66 is, a master of love, we become Illumined or enlightened. When we are pure of heart, we believe in magic, when we believe in magic, it happens, are the illumined master of our own destiny. 66 is a master over the third eye chakra with the third eye chakra being the 6th chakra. If you have a fully opened third eye chakra you will see everything as illumined. Lately my third eye chakra has been very active. Last night my third eye chakra could not have been more open and active because it was alive for 2 hours or so.
When we have balanced masculine and feminine in every chakra we are ready to rise kundalini. When we rise kundalini our brow chakra becomes alive, we are awakened. 66 is a vibration of the awakened one or the awakened kundalini. You have awakened the magic within you!
We enter July the 7th month, the month of faith, trust and believing... Believe...
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