Monday, 29 July 2019

Divine Time and Lion's Gateway

Divine Time and Lions Gate

Today's vision was shown to me as what looked like an hour glass but at the same time it looked like a sieve. I understood the sands were being sifted to allow only the purest and finest grains of sands through and this takes time. We are in week 70 which is very much about divine time and divine timing. It is a pure cycle of time, a time of faith, trust and knowing that all is divine when we are in the flow and aligned with that.
We have entered the Lion's gateway on July 26 and as we move toward the 8.8 Lion's gate we are reminded to purify and cleanse and come into alignment with our highest self, so we can allow the impure to stay behind and take with us only the purest of our selves into the new cycle. Preparation time is here to receive the light codes of ascension that we receive from the Star Sirius during this time between 26 July and 12 August every year. Of course 8.8 is the most potent time and I will be offering an extra evening for that on 8:8.
Lions Lions Gate is connected to ancient Egypt and is a gateway that aligns Earth and the Star Sirius. When Sirius rises in the sky, Orions Belt aligns with the Great Pyramid of Giza. At this time, Sirius becomes the brightest star we see in the sky.
While it might seem obvious that it is called Lion's Gate because we are in the astrological sign of Leo, what is not so obvious is that Sirius holds the energy of the Lion/cat-like beings and is the Great Central Sun and represents the individualised expression of the Divine. Sirius is also the Star of Isis the Great Mother, while Orion is the Father energy ( Osiris). In the Ascension teachings we understand that Sirius is the home of the University of Ascension and serves as the Head Quarter of God’s Light that is distributed through the entire Milky Way Galaxy - we are but a small part of that.
So, the Lions Gate offers us the most powerful Light Codes of Ascension bringing through frequencies that awaken DNA and activates the human energy field into a higher Consciousness.
We are given ungrades to our energy field that align us to the Greater Central Sun or Spiritual Sun known to us as Sirius. I read somewhere once, that if there was a place that we could call Heaven in our Skies, the Sirius is that place, so you can see how amazing this opportunity is.
The Lions Gateway is all about aligning Heaven on Earth, so we do indeed align and connect with the energies of Sirius and anchor them through our bodies so we can anchor them here on Earth.
Lions gateway creates a very powerful and potent opportunity to accelerated ascension.
Today we bring through the activatory codes. Light Codes need to be sound activated to bring them into full power and this is why so many of you awaken to greater gifts of bringing through light language and Sacred Sounds while listening to the Light Codes of Ametron.
Further to this is that LUXOR Light Ascension Program is also a Gateway to the Sirian energies. It enables you at all times of the year to have access to awakening to this alignment and helps you to heal the baggage that holds you down. It "harnesses" the energies so to speak. If you would like to purchase please visit for a super Lion's Gate opportunity.
Todays Activation Sound Codes we begin with the sifting of our sands, letting go of what is done and moving forward with the finer frequencies as we move forward in time toward the 8.8 Gateway.
The specific energy for today's Lions Gate energies are to do with qualities of Christ Consciousness to do with truth, changes, expansion, freedom, liberation, communication, trust, faith, flow, divinity, knowingness, beingness and timing.
Are you coming?
If you can't make it, the recording will be emailed to you.

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