Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Weekly Energy Update June 10th - 16th

The Ascension

I was crying as I received the very powerful message for this week.
I went into meditation and asked for this weeks energies to be revealed to me. I saw someone on a healing table and on the left side the divine masculine filled with light and the divine feminine seeming more earthly, both holding the hand of the person on the table as if to say "it's ok, everything is ok".  I couldn't stop crying.
Then the divine masculine energy walks around the head of the person on the table and to the right side (masculine side) he holds the right hand and the divine feminine energy holds the right hand of the person on the table. I still couldn't stop crying as I typed the message.
All of a sudden the body on the table lifts up and begins to ascend and ascend and I touch God and the tears flow and this is so beautiful.
Some really powerful energies have anchored since the New Moon and this seems to be part of it. It is a powerful time for Twin Souls (divine masculine and divine feminine) to come together and their purpose is to enable us the one on the table, the person to ascend back to the heavens, to higher consciousness as one fully integrated soul of balanced energies.  It's another wave of Awakening!
June and the month of Gemini, you really are beautiful!
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