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Pan the God of Polarity

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Releasing the Pain and the Suffering of the old Cycle

I woke early hours of the morning with pains in my right leg. These pains are deep cellular pain. I've had them come and go for many years, probably even since I was a kid. I've learned to attribute them to ascension symptoms. They go deep into the bone and I feel they are like growing pains and today it was was just my right leg. My body begins to activate (convulse/shake) when this happens... well really just my right leg as the healing took place. I couldn't get back to sleep because the pain, which is the only way I can describe it is very loud and does not let me sleep.

Healing the Masculine Side

I tossed and turned as my leg shook out in true self-healing style that happens to me and then I decided to go deep into it. I felt that it was to do with the masculine and the deep healing that is happening on that level right now for all of us. The right side is the masculine side and it is also to do with moving forward in our physical life. I have made some decisions in recent days to change the way I work in Egypt and completely let go of some of my old work to move into the new. I know I have come full circle and a new cycle is forming but I must let go of all the old for it to succeed. This is a message for all of us as our masculine side is healing and we are readying for the direction our Soul wishes us to go in Union with our Divine Masculine.

I believe these pains are part of that. Letting go of old memories that are buried into the bone at a cellular memory level. The work I have been doing in Egypt is connected with many past lives and many past life Soul connections. Many connections and contracts on a spiritual level are complete for many of us and we are embarking upon a new journey. We must release in order to allow for the new to come in. In fact in the last three years I've been holding on and yet trying to change direction at the same time and maybe this will also resonate with you. We must see where we need to let go of the old for the new changes to take form.

Divine Masculine trying to Step forward

The Divine Masculine is stepping forward as was felt by the pain in my legs. In fact as I write this the pains are returning but in a more subtle manner. As the evening went on I could feel as if the pain was reaching over to my left foot. The more I went into the observation the more I could feel it trying to jump to the left. It was almost as if the masculine was reaching out to the feminine just as was seen in the vision I had earlier this week when I spoke about the 24:24 Twin Flame Union Code. Now, as I write this I feel an almost equivalent sensation through both legs. It is not so much a pain today as a deep humming and energetic icy cold feeling that reminds me of the crystaline structure that we are embodying, at least that is what my Higher Self is suggesting to me. As I type the cold turns to warm or more like deep heat feeling you get when you use a sports massage cream and I know that deep healing is taking place.

Pan God of Healing Pain

I relaxed deeper as I knew that as I allowed myself to go deep into the feeling, it was beginning to shift and so, I observed the dance between the right leg and foot to the left foot as the energy danced between the two. On so doing, a vision appeared between my eyes of a Goat-Like man in a deep mystical forest. I knew this to be Pan.

Pan's purpose was originally that of the shepherd.  He was a guardian between civilization and the wild.  We can see this could symbolise the shift taking place as the divine masculine makes decisions to move from ego to higher nature.  

Pan was said to visit the dreams of his followers, usually at his nap-time and was said to cure people of ailments during his nap, and to sometimes even bless them with good fortune.

Pan was known as the creator of the sacred dances which symbolised circumambulating the heavenly bodies.  Circumambulating the heavenly bodies is a practice of worshiping the natural forces and therefore the cyclical natural of divine timing. Pan was the first god to symbolise natural energy and his pipes of Pan symbolise the natural harmony of the spheres (chakras).  I feel we can see here that this is a message to say that the Masculine is letting us know that the natural course of healing is in place.  This can be within ourselves and our own masculine side of our nature or our divine counterpart/Twin Flame.  Pan was half beast and half man therefore showing us the ultimate polarity within ourselves and the coming together of the two and working in harmony with our polar opposite sides of our nature.  

Pan the sexual Beast

Pan held a sexual beast quality to him, which would symbolise the need to tame the sexual desire in order to raise the sacred fire of the kundalini through each of the chakras or heavenly bodies.  The natural force of the chakras or heavenly bodies/spheres is to raise the kundalini fire in order to raise consciousness and attain Union.  We need to do this in a balanced way, as symbolised as the balance of half man, half beast, first needing union of the lower nature with the nature of man.  When this is attained we step up to union between our human nature and the realised self and the balance between masculine and feminine in form.  From here we attain Union with all nature of existence knowing that we are One and living in accordance with that.  And then the ultimate union of the Soul's relationship with the Creator and full enlightenment or ascension.

The Karmic Cycle

The god Pan himself is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is enthroned in Capricorn, whose emblem is a goat. This shows us that Pan indeed helps us to heal our karma because Saturn reflects karma and action.  So we must realise that all karma must be healed on this journey and that in itself takes a course such as timing because many factors have to come into play for true release of karma.  
In my vision he was sitting surrounded by a very mystical forest.  I see this a symbolising the mystical qualities of the true nature of the masculine and the magic that we all have when we truly allow ourselves to be fully immersed in and supported by our true mystical nature.  We are all half ego and half spirit and our aim is to balance and harmonise those natures.  The pains in my legs seem to draw me more to the awareness of Pan and his goat legs and knowing the healing that is taking place for us at a cellular memory level of releasing more lower nature and transmuting and aligning it with the crsytaline structure of the spiritual bodies.  Bone does have a crystal structure and therefore the ability to store memory and transmit healing energies.  If we have old memories that need to be transmuted, we must do as we would with a crystal and that is to cleanse clear and purify before reprogramming that crystal for the purpose we wish it to do.  
We are ready for a new phase, and missions are ready to move forward, but we can't do that unless we first get rid of the old job/purpose that is complete.  It's time for an upgrade, so in short these pains we feel deep into the cellular structure of our bodies are upgrades.  It was the right side of the body, right leg and to me this symbolises action, it's the masculine side and it's time to work in harmony with the masculine side and come into union at whatever level you are ready for.  
Let go of the old outworn ideas and allow the new to be embodied....

Twin Flame Union

In regards to your Twin Flame, you must first come into Union with all parts of self before ultimate reunion can take place.  Is it even necessary once you have tamed the beast!  While desiring to coming together, the purpose is to attain harmony of masculine and feminine; that is the personal mission.  When this is fully healed, Union with the Divine will take precedence and the collective mission of ascension will be your driving force.     
Welcome to your new exciting path ahead!

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