Friday, 7 June 2019

Intuitive Tarot Reading for the Weekend

Friday Reading

It's Friday and I thought I would stop by and try to lift your spirits a bit just in case you feeling crappy! 

Lucky for us, it was a good reading!  Things look to be on the up and up after the New Moon energies, but first there is a dying off to the old that needs to take place.  Let go and let God, step up and off and throw all caution to the wind, it will lift your spirits.  There's nothing to worry about really because change is always just around the corner and if you let go of your worries, then you step into the higher vibrations that attract the abundance and great opportunities to you. 

The twin flame energies are still around too, they seem to be wanting to let us know that souls really are wanting to reconnect, so go into meditation on that and just ask to connect with your Twin Flame, don't give them a name, let go and let God with that too, but if you need any help and a bit of Soul coaching to help you through the tough times with them, connect with me and I'll help you understand the journey. 

Now, back to the reading,

We are being offered some new beginnings and beautiful new fresh energy in our relationships, so it really is a must to throw the old out.  Hey I'm not saying throw away your current relationship, just throw out what doesn't work, you're done with it, it's time to start a fresh with a new cycle and do things in a more positive and higher vibe way.  Calm down that temperament and get a hold on that side of things, it really is the key to a happy and harmonious relationship!

Hope you have an awesome weekend! 

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