Friday, 14 June 2019

Intuitive Tarot for the Weekend June 14-16

Intuitive Reading for June 14-16

We are headed for the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday 17th.  Let's see what the Tarot says to us to help us find our way through these powerful energies.  

Mantas of Light

I've been hearing that some people are finding the energies too intense right now, so I am gifting you with a Light Language Mantra to help you stay in alignment with your Higher Self and stay out of the Ego!

Balance is the Key

Staying balanced is always the Key and Understanding too!  That's why I've given you the Mantra to help you stay balanced but if you would like to have greater understanding on the energetic level to see what is going on in your energy field and receive an alignment to help with that, then connect with me here and I'm sure you will be feeling so much better once you are aligned and have learned what is going on and how to work with that.

Have and Awesome Weekend

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