Thursday, 20 June 2019

Eve of Solstice

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47/11 day eve of Solstice.

Early this morning I had massive Dreams of the earth caving in under our feet and calling help from others who may understand why but not getting any answers. Surrendering while calling the new experiencers to paddle harder. Then golden light pyramids forming everywhere, all from different areas and time scales and much more in-between, On awakening and in the inbetween wake and sleep state, I saw a light body that separated but not completely and then merged back as one and then I awoke.
It's impossible to describe the visions as they were but I got up at 6 am only to go back and put my head down again at 7 to wake at 11.11. The energies are so intense and I had a pineal expansion headache.
I feel we are experiencing an earth or physical shift / surrendering to our world as it was giving way and our multidimensional selves awakening to a greater level. The merger of the two parts of ourselves into Oneness completing....At 12 12 I was given an offer for you and now at 1.11pm as I glance at the clock, feel I need to go back to sleep, but first to give you the offer.

Healing Polarity

This is the perfect time for healing polarity and I do believe this is part the meaning to my visions.  Northern Hemisphere goes into Summer and the longest day of the year and here in the Southern Hemisphere we go into winter and the shortest day of the year.... total polarity alignment.  

Twin Flames

This is the perfect time for healing the polar opposites of divine masculine and divine feminine either within ourselves or with our Twin Flames.  The true reflection of light and dark in total alignment, brings our darkness for at least a brief moment to null and void.  This is the time to harness the zero point. 

Healing and Awakening your Multi-Dimensional Selves

If you would like to work with multi-dimensional selves building and strengthening your own personal multi-dimensional pyramids as you climb to Oneness, I am offering from this post a $200 saving if you purchase the full 3-part program, normally $999 (you pay $799).  Or if you choose to purchase one level at a time I instead at $333 You can purchase for $299 each level.  Prices are in $AUD.    Connect with me here  to receive the discount.

What you Get

  • A meditation activation program that aligns you with the Ascension Frequencies of LUXOR Light to enable you to heal through all your life times, bodies, multi-dimensional selves 
  • It will arrive in your inbox weekly one healing/activation meditation at a time
  • You also receive entrance into my website so you can choose to work at your own pace in your time if you feel you want to work faster.
  • Free lifetime membership in the Private Mentoring Group where you can connect with others who already embody these amazing energies.
  • Free Consciousness Analysis so you can see where you start and then are able to watch your progress throughout program.
  • Opportunity learn more about how to master your energy bodies and how to keep your own self-healing moving forward
  • And more... my brain is not really with it so just connect with me to chat about how best I can help you if you want to chat on real time, connect with me on Messenger
Infinite Blessings to you on this Eve of Solstice

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