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Energies for June 17 - 23

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Winding Down on Gemini Energies June 17 - 23

Every Monday, I am given a vision for the energies of the week ahead and then later in the day/evening we have a Light Codes Session to bring through the energies and activate that within our energy field to help embody the energies and awaken us to the next phase on our Soul's Path. We are already up to Week 64 and it's has been an awesome journey!
64 suggests new beginnings around heart-centred relationships! It's a Wedding Vibration - the marriage of opposites.

Arising into a Golden Era

Today's vision was of a set of Golden Bed sheets hanging on the line and blowing in the breeze.
When we hang our washing on the line, it means we are happy with others seeing the intimate part of our lives, it's clean and there is nothing to hide. It can suggest we are entering a new clean energy phase or that there is someone coming into your life that will change your life forever. But these sheets were shimmering gold. Gold is connected with our life purpose/mission, it is a very high vibration and suggests wisdom and having let go of the past. They were blowing in the breeze. To me this suggests a fresh start and a willingness to be accept the winds of change.
Gold is masculine in energy, holding the power of the Sun and suggests having a deep understanding of the Self and your Soul. Because these were bed sheets this suggests the depth of intimacy you have achieved on a spiritual level and so is symbolising great spiritual growth that is visible to all. Gold is also a transitional frequency and therefore suggests we have attained a greater degree of flexibility on our spiritual path because it represents perfection on all levels. We are ready to move forward because Gold symbolises enlightenment and achieving eternal life.

Full Moon Illuminating Twin Flames

It's full moon tonight, so we also have the beauty of the full moon energies in Sagittarius. Full moons are always a time of completion and harvest. Today's full moon is helping us find balance between our inner and outer worlds and who we aspire to be.
This is our last vibration under the influence of Gemini and the twins, so I feel this weeks symbolism is suggesting we have achieved a great deal in relation to our relationships and the "coming together" of twin flames and soul mates that was seen in the previous session.
The vibration of Gold is the vibration of the Alpha Chakra/Soul Chakra that rests just above our head. This is in direct relation to our soul's direction and our mission. We are ready to be seen for what it is that we are here to do, are you ready or are you still "blowing in the breeze"? It's time to make a choice and come into a more intimate place with your relationship with your purpose. That purpose might simply be to "just be", but whatever it is, it is time to own it and let it be seen.
In relation to twin flames/souls/relationships, have you cleared and aired your grievances ready to move into the new phase? Are you happy with the environment you have created in readiness for your mission/purpose to move into it's next phase? Let Go and Let Gold take care of it all!
Want to join tonight or receive the recording after the evening of Keys and Codes that activate the energies?

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