Monday, 24 June 2019

24:24 The Twin Flame Union Code

Twin Flame Collective - Reunion Imminent

Every Monday I bring through a message for the week and that evening I bring through the Sacred Sound Light Codes and Light Language messages apparent for that message to help activate the energies being offered and received. This weeks vision is for the Twin Flame collective. I saw two babies, twins, but they were in separate bundles. I saw the Divine Feminine, she was dressed like Mother Mary or Mary Magdalene however you wish to perceive it. The babies were to the side not really physical but there. She was larger than life and she held her hands in front of her as if to protect and yet warm herself from a brilliant warm flame/light that was approaching her. I began to get very emotional as the flame got brighter and closer. The Flame is the Divine Masculine coming in and all of a sudden out of the flame reached out the divine masculine as Serapis in the likeness of King Neptune. My heart burst open as his hand was held out toward the Divine Feminine. If you remember I have been having visions of the coming together and this is a progression. The Divine Masculine's energy is lifting and he is reaching out to bring you into his flame. I am a Twin Flame Experiencer. I am not in full physical union with my twin but my journey is one that I share with the collective, to help people understand what it is about and I am being guided more and more through my own spiritual experiences rather than the physical experiences. Remember the physical experiences are the human drama and illusion. We have to heal through the drama, through the chaos before we can have true union. I have walked through the physical drama and chaos and now I am being given the spiritual journey for the Twin Flame Collective. It is all about ascension and I wish to share as I experience. My human experience is not necessary to share, that is unique to each individual, but there are common denominators that need to be understood at a higher level. Right now we are being given a message that the Divine Masculine is reaching out, but you don't have to do anything, except hold the stillness and keep clearing your own energy and allow the coming together in the spiritual. Let it be on the spiritual, our human earthly desires need to be set aside for the bigger picture so your missions can unfold.....join me tonight for the Sacred Light Codes through my Higher Self, Ametron... Today is session our 56th session with the Ametron Bringer of Truth Sacred Sound Codes 65/11 Today's numberology 51/6 - change and intentions toward the Lovers or 24/6 the Lovers and today's date becomes a 24, so we are in a 24.24 Gateway. 24.24 the Code to Union for Twin Flames, yes you heard it here first!

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