Sunday, 19 May 2019

The Full Moon Blessing

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The Full Moon Blessing

Today I decided to make a special offer as a blessing during this time of the WESAK moon and the beautiful light that is being bestowed upon us.  For the first time ever, I am offering the LUXOR Light Ascension meditations as stand alone meditations.  You can purchase one at a time, because I know not everyone can afford to buy the whole package.  I am also making a special offer on the whole package.

I hope to reach more people this way and I hope that the amazing “right” power of LUXORLight can assist more of you, that more of you can learn to understand these energies and their purpose at these times. 

 Learn more about LUXOR Light and the healing and activation meditations.  I will explain along the way how these meditations can work for you and how if you choose to, how you can become a carrier of these same frequencies.  I will guide you every step of the way in a new way. 

There will be 2 options
Stand-alone pre-recorded LUXOR Light Ascension voice meditations and teaching $49AUD
Stand-alone pre-video LUXOR Light Ascension Level One video meditations and teaching $55AUD
Add a once only fee and join the Private Facebook Group for lifetime membership for just $49

And for WESAK as a special blessing to you

I offer the full pre-recorded voice program with FREE entrance into my website and FREE private lifetime membership mentoring group for just $188 per level this week only.   

Normally $333 per level, that’s a great saving especially if you take all three levels.

Register now and chat with me to see what suits you best.

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