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Off the Planet Experience


Off the Planet Experience

How on earth do you explain something to someone that has never experienced it before?  Imagine you just happened to visit Mars, because, you know we all get to do that, then you come home and everyone wants to know what it's like, but you just can't seem to find the words because there is nothing like that here on Earth.  I'm sure you have all had supernatural experiences that, you just can't explain and everyone just thinks you are nuts or away with the fairies!  LUXOR Light Ascension is a bit like that most of the time.  The experience is often so out there, it's difficult to explain.  This is the case with giving, experiencing and receiving it.  Most of the participants of LUXOR Light have often asked "what on earth do you tell people when they ask "what is LUXOR Light?"... hmm, it is so vast there really is not an easy or simple way to explain it.  You can't over do it but you can certainly under do it.  My awakening journey began so vast, I simply could not even begin to learn about the experiences I was having by reading up on them or I would have spent my entire life reading and learning from others experiences, so I decided not to.  I decided to learn through experience and what was to be "my experience".

Capturing the Moment

Recently I returned to Australia to capture a brief moment in time when all my kids would be in the same city at the same time.  My daughter is usually somewhere else in the world and I am usually in Egypt and my boys are usually in Perth, but for 2 weeks in a suspended moment in time they would all be in Perth!  So, I jumped on a plane and flew back to Australia. I took my daughter north to see her father and it just so happened that at the same time there would be a Psychic Expo on in the town I was born in, so I took the opportunity to share LUXOR Light Ascension healing in my town of birth.

Was it understood?  Probably not and that is because it is such a vast experience that a day or two simply cannot do it justice.  LUXOR Light is different for everyone, it is about awakening and each and everyone of us awakens in different ways with different experiences.  No two experiences are the same.  However, the frequencies that pass through with LUXOR Light mean there is often a similar experience with some people, depending on their particular purpose and connection to these energies.

Sometimes people are "shocked, scared, in disbelief, or totally blown away" by the energies of LUXOR Light Ascension.  Way back in 2004 when it first came through, the energy was a bit different to today.  The reason is because consciousness always grows and expands and LUXOR Light Ascension is about evolving consciousness.  So, that's what it does, it evolves in consciousness as we are ready and I continue to bring through more layers of the flames of consciousness as my own spiritual evolution grows or as humanity requires.

Experiencing the Kundalini Healing

Every experience on the healing table is different for everyone, depending on what is required and depending on what level you are ready for.  The video above is an advanced student and facilitator of LUXOR Light Ascension on the healing table.  Her energetic experience while is quite the signature of LUXOR Light, is not what every person experiences.  You have to be at an elevated level of consciousness for this to take place.  This is a full kundalini experience.  LUXOR Light activates the rising Kundalini and everyone is at a different level and you only receive what you are ready for.

LUXOR Light awakens, so whatever level you are at, it will awaken you to the next level, from beginner to advanced initiate and it continues to evolve.  Those who choose to undertake the LUXOR Light Ascension Program and then the LUXOR Light Ascension Healing Practitioner course are supported on the journey every step of the way.  Mastering these particular energies once experienced is a journey that is continually inspiring, uplifting and ever transformational.

Leanne is on the table in the above video and I want to thank her for her wonderful account of her experience.  I hope Leanne's sharing helps you in some way to decide if LUXOR Light is for you.  Ascension is not overnight, it's a journey, a conscious journey and a journey of dedication to Self.  We were lucky enough to be given a system that supports that journey and I thank to all those who have chosen to walk this path and experience this system of elevated consciousness.   Please read Leanne's experience below...

The LUXOR Light Experience

Leanne Burong says.. "I’d like to share my experience of a LUXOR Light healing with ChristinA and explain my understanding of the activations I have. I totally surrender and trust (at least to the stage I am at now) . I feel this is key. Resistance will only create blocks to the flow of energy. All of our LL group who are dedicated to our meditation practices as taught by ChristinA will be aware of how these allow us to release and become more and more open to receive. It is an eternal and endless spiral of flow.

The only way I can put into words what I experience, is to liken it to the cycle of life….the experience of being born, of giving birth and of dying. I see all of these as the same. Each one is about surrendering to change and evolution.

I realise that in the video, it may look intense and I am sure people will have different experiences to me. I do not experience any physical pain and the breathing you see is what naturally occurs and allows for the activations to assists with the flow and integration of the light energy. Your consciousness is lifted to be one with the divine source energy. Words cannot fully express this connection you feel. Every essence is filled with love but a greater love….a completeness…meaning and purpose…so expansive yet so simple. There is a remembrance that this is where we have all come from….who we all are….there is no division or separation…higher or lower…better than, less than. There is purity in the simplicity that we are all one.

As I come out of a healing, I have tears….the experience of touching and connecting with God/Source….a remembrance of this love that is us all. I am in bliss. The world is brighter. Everything changes. The trees are greener, the air I breathe is pure, my senses are heightened, I am at peace, calm and flowing with love. My heart is so expanded…I love everyone. Everything is so simple. Love truly is all there is.

For those of you who have given birth, you will understand. The birthing process is hard work. When you get out of the mind and allow the natural direction of your body to guide you with breathing, pushing, contracting…there is light at the end. Remember that first look into your baby’s eyes….that heart felt connection, your baby suckling on your breast…..I remember feeling a love like no other. I felt an overwhelming sense of complete unconditional love and purpose for being. My perspective changed as I would look at other women and saw how amazing they are. This bond and shared secret of our inner strength, power and love. I rang my Mum and asked if this love that I was feeling was the same she felt for me when I was born…yes! Our children when first born are pure divine source energy. I am not a man but I imagine that men are touched with this also as they are part of the birthing. They see the magic of creation; feel their connection to this beautiful child and the strength of women. I remember my brothers walking around in love bubbles after witnessing the birth of their children.

Then the work begins….like when we birth a baby, this is our new energy/foundation/reality. Baby’s cry, they may not sleep so you don’t sleep….things change; your world begins to shift and evolve. The pregnancy hormones are your gifts that seem to give you super human strength to still love and care for your baby with little sleep. Sometimes you forget that love you felt but with guidance and support you learn new skills and tools. You become of selfless service to your bundle of divine light. The teachings through these new experiences enable you to grow and expand your awareness.
ChristinA and this LUXOR Light group are our support. The meditations, self-healing practises, dedication and discipline are our tools.

There are many of us who have been honoured to assist others in their experiences of birthing and dying. You will understand how these activations allow the body to surrender…..sometimes releasing and accepting the light at the same time…..or like with death, opening, releasing from physical form and stepping forward completely into the light. This is so natural. The flow never ends. As souls we have done this many times.

ChristinA I thank you with all my heart for opening me to this journey and the path I walk with you.
I love you and send blessings to all.
Lea xxx"

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