Friday, 31 May 2019

New Moon in Gemini and manifesting Energy Shifts

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New Moon in Gemini

We have the new moon in Gemini coming up on Monday 3 June. New moons are always the time to set our intentions for what we desire to come forth. I'm utilising this time to start a new series of videos on me Youtube channel, so I'm inviting you to come along and subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can receive notification when something new comes in and when I do live streams.

Gemini - the Twins

What?  The Twins, did I hear the twins!  Well, as most of you know, I live the experience of the Twin Flame and the challenges that come with that.  So, if we are in the cycle of Gemini and you add the sixth month which equals love, then, naturally, this month is going to be setting some new energies of for Twin Flames.  Now, I did not say it would be easy, please hear that, but is it's going to be powerful in moving things forward for Twin Fames and for everyone that is interested in Love, unconditional love, divine love, cosmic love and in general, all things to do with love!  I'm not an astrologer by the way, I read intuitively and I also read numbers, so New Moon will be on a very luminous day... I'll tell you more on Sunday!

My Channel

My I Am Channel.  I channel Languages of Light, I channel Sacred Sound, I channel powerful and transformational healing energies, I channel messages from my Higher Self, so, I'm going to focus and sharing my Channel!  

I've had a Youtube channel for a long time but I've not really known how to make it work, so I've just decided to put energy into it and hope for the best! But what I want you to know is that I intend to give, give, give, on Youtube, so if you want to know about the energies in the way I receive them, or to receive some healing through sacred sound or just through energy transmissions, or even through light language, meditation and to more, please come and subscribe to my YouTube channel
My first live stream will be this Sunday 2nd of June in readiness for the New Moon in June energies on Monday. In fact we will already be in the window, so it's going to be awesomeness!

Remember, June is a month of Love, relationships, family, vision and insights, so come on in to my Youtube Channel and receive a month of Love energies to help you to open to receive!

I hope to see you on my Live Stream soon!

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