Friday, 31 May 2019

Goodbye May!

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It's Goodbye May! 

Wow, did you find inner peace? Did you embrace your Truth? Did you expand in someway out there into the great expansive universal skies and collect something that sent you in a new direction, did you embrace the changes?

Today says TRUST in the changes, trust and have faith because even if only a little bit, you have gained more confidence, you have faced a fear or two and you are brighter because of it. You are more "en-lightened" because of it. You are carrying more of your brilliance, can you feel it?

You can read more about today's energy on my colour a day site here, but before you do that, close your eyes for a moment and take 3 deep breaths and just let go, let go...... when you open your eyes, affirm to yourself

"I express my truth through my inner knowing and I shine that inner light wherever I go"...

and repeat this with a smile on your face and one hand held on your solar plexus.  Say it with meaning and say it as often as feels good to you


Today is the last day of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and the last day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.... together we balance each other

Finding Inner Peace

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