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FREE Meditation Celebrating Buddha's Enlightenment

Who is Buddha?

About 2600 years ago, Siddhartha Gautama was born in a place called Lumbini, near the border of India and Nepal.  He was born a prince but through his journey he realised that the experiences from his life of conditioning could not bring him lasting happiness or protect him from a life of suffering.

At this time, India was very spiritually open and the people practiced their spirituality on a daily basis, but Siddhartha was born into a Royal Family and they wanted him to have all the pleasures of life.  He was already a very intelligent and compassionate person and belonging to the Warrior Caste it was predicted he would become either a great king or a great spiritual leader, but his family wanted him to be a powerful ruler and so he had all the earthly riches and pleasures bestowed upon him.  Apparently he was given 500 beautiful ladies, he was into sports and all things exciting.  He mastered combat training and won his wife through an archery contest.

When he was 29, out wandering, his awareness was drawn to someone seriously sick, then a decrepit old man and a dead person.  The realisation that old age, sickness and death was what was in store for everyone he loved and he could do nothing about it, he became very upset.  The next day while he was out walking he walked past someone who was deeply in meditation.  When their eyes met and their minds connected, Siddhartha realised that what he was seeking outside of himself was a place and within the mind, a place of peace and stillness.  This changed his life and he left the palace and his royal duties and wandered off into the forest so he could realise full enlightenment.  For six years he learned through many masters.  He realised their techniques showed him the minds potential, but not pure mind.  

Eventually at a place called Bodhgaya, he went deep into meditation for for six days and nights seeking his true nature and it was here that he reached enlightenment on the full moon of May.  At the moment of full realisation he reached the point where past, present, future, near and far all melted into the NOW moment and into the state of bliss.  He became timeless, and total awareness itself.  Every cell of his body knew the All and he became the Buddha, the Awakened One.   After his awakening, he traveled on into the North of India teaching for 45 years.

The Buddha encouraged his students to question his teachings and find out through experience itself.

What is WESAK?

The full moon in May, now, this Moon is the Full Moon that marks the celebration of Buddha's enlightenment.

May the Light and the Blessings of the Buddha be bestowed upon you under this full moon...

Please enjoy the FREE Meditation Video

Happy WESAK!  

May you find Bliss, may your find your True Nature!

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