Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Activating Your Personal Light Codes of Transformation

Activating your Personal Light Codes of Transformation

Today's vision was shown to me as a sword of light, like the Excalibur, the sword of Truth. Then I saw a group of people sitting around a fire, or what appeared to be a fire. They were all aglow with the light and each of them were also carrying their own light.

Full Moon in Scorpio

We are headed toward a Scorpio Full Moon on Saturday. The Scorpio full moon is considered one of the most powerful moons for releasing, cleansing, and transforming your life, because Scorpio is the sign that rules over death, rebirth, and spiritual transformation.

Once in a Blue Moon

This is a blue moon, blue being a frequency of truth. These energies allow us to remove our masks and show the truth of who we are. We don't need to hide any more. It's time to let go and live your truth.

These codes coming through now will enable you activate that part of you that is ready for the deep transformation that brings you shining your Light, your Truth to the world... are you ready?

The Review

Tonight's Light Codes were absolutely beautiful. They were gentle, kind and loving, is the best way I can describe them. There were messages passed through the Light Language on how to work with your own personal light codes in order to bring through your best way of transmission. This was not in English of course, this was speaking in the Language of Light to your Soul through the Higher Self, where you know it all already.
There were mantras that acknowledged the God in you, and the power behind the names of God that bring forth the essence in you that activates "God is Great" and the Light transmission of the energy of the Belovedjust through purification.
I hope you choose to purchase the Light Codes this week... the general consensus of those who took part was so beautiful 

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