Monday, 15 April 2019

Mastering your New Chapter

Week 55 Mastering your New Chapter

Things are really moving under the double 5's

Today the vision shown to me, was that of someone reading a book. This is a new chapter, your choice. Imagine you are reading a book where you choose your own adventure. I used to love reading those books with my kids. Well this is your chance to choose your own adventure. We can't read the next chapter if you choose to keep reading the last chapter. It's time to move forward and make changes. 5's are all about change, truth, peace, communication, expansion and freedom. Double 5's ask us to master that. Are you ready to be the master of the next phase, I know I Am  pardon the hidden pun. 

I feel excited about this chapter.

We have a new full moon on April 19. This moon will be in Libra and is the second Libra Full Moon this year. The first one was in March, and that opened a portal of possibilities toward change, now this full moon is closing that portal. So, we really are sitting in a powerful portal within each of our chapters. We needed to find our centre, our still point and were probably thrown around a bit in the process.

With the closing of the window of opportunity we need to look closely at our relationships and assess where we need to change. We needed to find balance, so to find balance we probably lost our balance... yes?? If you did, you were meant to so you could re-balance and re-align. The only way to realign is to look at ourselves and how we feel about ourselves and our worthiness... it's all about self-love and forgiveness and aligning with the highest for you.

We are looking at double 55's today, that is a big shift toward our Truth. It's a bottle neck to get from heart to brow and crown, to shift fully into the parts of us that "Know" and act accordingly. We are being pushed through that bottle neck now.

Relationships are due for upgrading but that can only happen with Self-Love first and foremost. Ask where you can love yourself more and when you implement that, you will notice that the relationships around you will also change and come into alignment with your higher path.

Relationship with Self, with others, with things, with experiences, jobs so on.... it's all about making realignments with your relationships in whatever form needs to be upgraded.

This chapter is about letting go of that which is no longer in alignment with you at your highest. Cords are being severed and the Activation Light Codes and Keys and whatever comes through today are here to help us get there.

Please connect with me if you would like to receive the recorded Keys and Codes to activate the New Energies and help you to move forward .....

Visiting Australia

It's that time of the year again and my yearly visit to Australia begins next week!  I will be available for healing sessions in Perth, and Dongara so far and will be running workshops in Dongara and Geraldton and possibly Perth and Bunbury.  If you are interested please get in touch soon because these opportunities are very rare.  I have not taught the Ascension Program in Australia since 2014 and opportunities other than online are very scarce.  

Please visit my website  and get in touch with me.  I hope to see you soon in Western Australia somewhere!

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