Thursday, 4 April 2019

LUXOR Light Symbol

LUXOR Light History in the making...

on the 4th April 2004 (444) on a day that corresponds to my Soul Vibration, I was given a vision that would not leave my mind. The vision was what we now call the LUXOR Light symbol. I searched everywhere to find that symbol and where it had come from and what it meant. I had people who worked with symbolism search for it and they could not find it. I then realised that spirit was giving me something and so I sat in meditation to find answers. I was guided that with this symbol I was to develop a healing modality that would eventually become called LUXOR Light and that it had the potential to accelerate consciousness. I followed the guidance I was given and asked my then past and present students of colour therapy if they would like to be guinea pigs for a new meditation system. What followed was that I noticed people awakening their kundalini and awakening to certain energetics that were the same as I was carrying. Step by step and week by week over the course of 12 months the LUXOR Light Ascension Program and the LUXOR Light healing system was developed....

Happy Anniversary LUXOR Light Symbol

Happy anniversary to the LUXOR Light Symbol! Thank you to the Masters and Guides that assisted me bringing this system to the world. LUXOR Light is now 15 years old and it keeps evolving.... if you are still not reaping the full benefits of LUXOR Light, it is because it is a system of mastery and a system that awakens you to your highest potential. You need to be present and focused and do the work. Keep following along, join in where you can and watch as you open to some "way out there" abilities!

Spontaneous Awakening

My spontaneous awakening happened on 3.3.2004 and one month and one day later they gave me the symbol. The journey of awakening never stops. The challenges, the roller coaster, the highs and the lows are all here to bring us more fully into the highest we can possibly be. If you choose mastery, you must "master it".

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