Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Light Body and Rainbow Body Activation

Week 54 - Scooting Ahead!

Today's vision was shown to me as someone in their Light Body getting onto a "light" scooter / moped.
Last week we entered through that Great Sun to make a move forward and this week we are taking the next phase and go a little faster. Scooters are easier to drive than motor bikes, they don't go as fast but they are safer and they make life easy to get around. I feel this symbolism is suggesting that we ought to make things move a little faster but there is no need to go too fast. The vision shows someone in their Light-body, this means you are ready to move forward spiritually, so the vision is more about the spiritual journey not your actual physical journey, although the two can of course be very interconnected.
Our Light body is also a vehicle. The Light body is the vehicle that helps us graduate from the human condition in readiness to return to source and merge with God. The activation of our light body is what gets us there. The Ancient Egyptian term for the Light Body is Merkaba. Mer means light, Ka means Soul and Ba means body. The saw it as the chariot of the Soul and it must be activated before you can achieve ascension. This is a fifth dimensional activation that propels us into the Rainbow Body which is a constant state of unconditional love. So any challenges that test us with how unconditional we can be is to do with the Rainbow body. You also hear now of the Rainbow children, these kids are born already with unconditional love already fully activated. It's not easy sometimes and you can be tested to the umpth degree depending on how far into mastery you have gone. Remembering that entering into mastery does not give you freedom from the tests, often what happens is the tests get harder. Rising above the mundane world and seeing things from a higher perspective is paramount. Getting caught up into blame scenarios is not unconditional love. We must rise above and see what is the Spirit Realm and our light bodies trying to show us. How far do they want us to rise and how well can we hold these great levels.
Once we have healed all the wounds and purified all the thoughts and released all the judgment we will then fully activate the rainbow body so we can achieve ascension at the 7th dimension. Jesus and Buddha both achieved this in this form and we are being asked to achieve this in this form, meaning with this body and become the God Self so we can shine the light for others to follow. Rise above the mundane and be in the pure light and pure love of the All That Is.
You will know when you are activating the Rainbow frequency because you will be in an ecstatic state. Of course sometimes we may rise and fall but as we are able to fully maintain this state all the time we dissolve back into Source and achieving immortality as spoken about by the ancients. The Rainbow body is the highest level of the light body but the Light Body must be activated to hold these higher frequencies to embody full ascension. As we rise and fall, we are constantly given new tests to rise above, rise above.
This activation today is to help you at any time you need to rise above and come back into the fully activated state of the Rainbow Body. As the vision shows the Light Body ready to get on the scooter, we shall be fully activating the Light Body which will in turn propel us into the Rainbow Body..... let's go
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