Monday, 1 April 2019

April the Month of the Heart

The Month of the Heart

April is the fourth month, the month of the heart.  The Heart is the half-way chakra, the bridge between the physical and the spiritual.  This month, the fourth month is very much all about Heart and whatever you are going through, it's time to heal it deep within the heart and build a bridge so you can "get over it".  

Join with me and received the Channelled sacred sound codes through from my Higher Self "Ametron".  Each Monday I channel the energies of the week and these sacred sounds, language of Light and Light Codes bring deep inner transformation awakening you to your Greater Self.

Let's do it

Today's vision was shown to me as a boy and a girl walking along a path. The image was on a card like Tarot but it is not a Tarot card. They were dressed in Bombay bloomer type pants from another time or another place. the path wasn't straight but softly curving toward the horizon. The grass is very green and there are rolling hills in the distance and a town in front. The sky is bright yellow suggesting joy and happiness and at the end of the path was a Great Sun. This sun was not your normal sun. It was the shape of a flower or like a windmill more or less. It was coloured in a deeper golden yellow but more like the colour of mustard actually. This colour energises and stimulates mind and body and triggers feelings of warmth and positivity. It encourages self-expression and allows you to stay true to your self especially if you have a reserved temperament.
The boy and the girl were sort of skipping and flailing their arms around like young boys and girls do. This boy and girl would be a young 16, but not like 16 years old's today, like I say, another time, another place. I t was like "let's do it!" as they skipped along and beside the pathway. I can only imagine that the closer you get to that windmill-flower-sun you would get engulfed into it as it seems to turn like a windmill. What lies beyond the Sun is what awaits you.
Last week we we dealing with regeneration and the need for the masculine side of ourselves to go within to seek answers. This feels more like the next step. Are you ready to take a leap of faith and step into the unknown new world of change?
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