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Connecting you to the Sacred Sites of Egypt

Hathor Temple Dendarah  

Featuring Sacred Sites of Egypt
with ChristinA Ritchie of LUXOR Light Ascension

This is not just any healing, but activations of Higher Frequencies connected with the Divine Purpose of the Etheric Temple of Luxor and the Ascension Master Serapis who is known as “The Egyptian”.  Serapis had many embodiments in Egypt for many lifetimes and one of his incarnations was indeed as Amenhotep III who built Luxor Temple.

How can these activations help you?

The temples of Egypt carry codes embodied in their very walls.  Subtly you receive these codes as you pass through the temples.  Where the temples are still energetically active you can receive the energies as they merge with your energetic field.  The Hieroglyphs and reliefs are also speaking to you in a hidden language beyond what the eyes can see and read and beyond what guides can tell you. 

ChristinA is a clear channel for her Higher Self, Ametron, and she carries forth the gift of the Ancient Language of Light that was used in Ancient Egypt and beyond.  She also carries the language of the Star System Sirius and the combination of Sacred Languages of Light awaken sleeping gifts within us.  Many of us are code carriers, but these codes lay dormant until activated.  The codes need to be sound activated and this is the gift that ChristinA carries.  When receiving healing or sitting in meditation with ChristinA, sound codes come forth to awaken that which is ready to be awakened in you, so you can embody more of your true purpose.   
If you cannot come to Egypt to have an in-person session with ChristinA you can still receive the codes through a personal Sacred Site Remote healing.  If you have been drawn to Egypt, you can safely say, you have been here before, lifetimes ago.  Maybe many lifetimes were spent in Egypt.  If you are drawn to connect with Egypt, you are drawn to reclaim lost pieces of your soul that you are ready for now to fulfil your purpose this lifetime.  But, not everyone can manage a trip to Egypt, so through ChristinA’s unique gifts you are still able to receive the energies, and codes that are relevant to you.
Person meditating in temple 
ChristinA works closely with the Ascended Master Serapis, overseer and Master of the “Etheric” Luxor Temple, the temple of Ascension.  She is at home at the foot of Thoth Hill, in New Qurna, West Bank, Luxor.
ChristinA carries the Codes of Thoth, the Sound Keys of Enoch, the Language of Hibiru, which was the first language to come to Earth and is sometimes called the language of the Angels.  This language was spoken by the Masters and in times such as Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.  She also speaks in the clicking language of the Star System Sirius which is very significantly connected with Egypt and the ancients.  She speaks the Sirian Masters strange dolphin language and the frequencies that come through ChristinA carry forth the energies of Isis, carrying the wisdom of the Divine Feminine now awakening in all of us today. 

But that is not all, ChristinA also channels the 3 Sacred Sounds of God that were also ushered in during ancient Egyptian times by the Creator Gods, specifically the God Hu.  These 3 sacred sounds call forth the divine feminine, the divine masculine and the third flame sound that unites them as creation itself. Each sound comes with a unique purpose for each individual and when all three come together united as One sound, magic really does happen… Creation is formed within you and the Creator aspect of yourself is activated.

So, why should you choose to experience a Visionary Distant Sacred Site Healing and Activation Session with ChristinA? 
Because you cannot get it anywhere else!  And, because these sessions can awaken you to greater aspects of Self!

Each site has a different fee depending on how far ChristinA has to travel to the site, price of entrance tickets and tips to the Temple Guards.

Sacred Site Options

Temple of Temple of Hathor at Dendarah
Hathor was known as the sky goddess who nourishes us spiritually with the celestial energies of divine love and ecstasy. Her earthly energies then anchor as the Goddess of divine ecstasy of fertility, sexuality, and love.  Hathor is the embodiment of feminine possibilities and strongly awakens the power of the divine feminine.  True wisdom is awakened when we awaken and activate the feminine within.  She was known as ‘Lady of the Stars’ or ‘Sovereign of Stars’ and she is linked strongly with Sirius along with Isis and Soptdet.   As ‘the Mistress of Heaven’ Hathor was connected with Nut, Mut and the Queen. And as ‘the Celestial Nurse’ She nursed the Pharaoh in the guise of a cow or as a sycamore fig (because it exudes a white milky substance). As ‘the Mother of Mothers’ She was the Goddess of women, fertility, children and childbirth and held power over anything having to do with women from conception or childbirth, to health and beauty and matters of the heart. Holding the balance of both masculine and feminine energies, she was worshipped by men and women and unlike the other gods and Goddesses she had both male and female priests in her temple.  This brings with it the purpose of balancing the divine masculine and feminine in their purity of purpose.

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A healing and activation from Temple Hathor will help with balancing and aligning both masculine and feminine energies and connecting your more deeply with the divine feminine and the goddess that you are incarnate on Earth.  This will also enable you to heal the issues of the feminine that create a rift between twin flames.  As above so below.

A Remote healing and activation at Temple of Hathor will include
·       Full written report of the alignment your chakras and energy field in relation to the balanced masculine and feminine.
·       Visions and messages that come through for you
·       Recorded personal encoding to awaken and align you with the Temple of Hathor. 
·       Unlock blockages to the balance of Divine Masculine and Feminine
·       Activate any latent codes of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. 
·       Photos of any specific Temple Wall Reliefs that reveal appropriate to your healing, so you can use them for your own subsequent personal meditation.
·       Instruction on how to unlock the energies of the photo.

Awakening Activation at Temple of Hathor 

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