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Touching Grace in Torino

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Sacra San Michele

May the Grace be with You

Being Spontaneous is not something new to me as those who follow my work know.  So, 2 weeks ago, I made a decision to fly to Italy.  While my logical reason was because I needed to renew my visa for Egypt sometime soon, I did have choices.  India was my first preference.  I could visit my daughter and touch in with the bliss energies of Arunachala.  That was an expensive option at this time of the year and wasn't going to run smoothly.  Next option was Turkey.  Turkey was the cheapest option all round and the shortest destiny to get me there and back in short time.  Then another option arose.  All these options took about half an hour or so to pop up.  So, option number 3 was Italy.  I could stay with a friend and student of LUXOR Light, she could have some catch up question time and I could get my quick trip for my visa.  The plan was to just have one week and head home again.  So, from the moment I decided, to the moment I booked my ticket was just a few days.  I booked one way just in case.  One week was not enough, so two weeks became the decision and I've now returned to Egypt..... this location was the only one that "felt" right.  It was the only one that spoke of a "Truth" within me... it would take almost the whole two weeks before I would find out why and then coming home to really begin to digest within me....

The first week, I really felt there wasn't any reason for me being in Torino, Italy other than my visa run and visiting Silvia, but I was soon to found out that indeed Spirit had sent me on a mission to recharge my batteries and give me some mystical surprises!

I hope as you read my blog and as I share a little of my two weeks in Turin (Torino), you too will receive the blessings of Grace upon you!.....

Sacra of San Michele

The first place I was "touched" by the Grace of God, was in the ancient Abbey on top of Mount Pirchiriano, 40 kms from Turin (Torino).  The views were incredible, I was just in awe!  Being such a spontaneous trip I hadn't even considered what I might do or see there.  My first surprise was the Alps!  Here at the Abbey it was just awe inspiring!  But that was only the beginning.  The building itself was also very mystical as you can see from the photo above.

The Abbey was built between 983 and 987, and is dedicated to Archangel Michael. The most incredible thing is that it is part of a 7 part pilgrimage route for the cult of the Archangel Michael, that is over 2000 km long ley line which runs from Saint-Michele in France to Monte Sant'Angelo in Puglia. 

Sword of Saint Michael ley line

Monasteries, Abbeys and Churches

I love visiting Monasteries/Abbeys and Ancient Churches.  I think I must have had some recent past lives in them, because this life I did not grow up with religion at all, so it is not something I am familiar with from this lifetime.  I also have no issues with religion or its purpose.  I believe religion may be fading out, but it still has it's place for those who are following it now.  We are not the ones to judge that because that would mean we have not healed whatever caused the judgment in the first place.

Here's my theory... well, it's not really mine, but it's my take on my understanding of how it works.

Many Paths, Many Masters

There are many paths that lead to the "One God".  Many "Ray Paths" and within those Ray Paths are certain teachers and teachings.  Those who were born on the 6th Ray Path were likely to follow a religion or be a religious leader or follow some cause.  Every Ray has a lifespan of around 2000 years or so and the 6th Ray's life span is around 2500 years.  However, the 6th Ray is on it's way out.  It's not wrong, by the way, to all ye who damn it.  It's just finishing up it's purpose.  There may have been those who got it wrong, but we get most things wrong and the aim is to keep trying.  While it speaks to you, it's the right way, when it stops speaking to you, you find another way, that doesn't mean it's wrong, it means you learned all you could learn and something had to make you change direction!

If you were born on the 6th Ray Path, then you are one of those who chose to come and walk the final walk of the 6th Ray, to help lead into the new era.  Jesus lead us along the 6th Ray, but over the last 500 years we have been slowly moving into the Age of Aquarius and the Seventh Ray path.  All paths interlace by the way, and we must master all 7 Rays along our journey.  Not all in this lifetime though!  But we do work with them all if we are consciously on a spiritually evolving pathway.  So, people are moving away from religion but that is because they have finished their walk, not everyone has finished their walk on that path yet!  It's coming though and so, if we push people before they finished what they came to do, we are doing a great disservice to our own souls!

So, anyway, I love them.  I feel at home in them, therefore I feel it must have been recent lifetimes that I evolved through religion in Monasteries and such.  So, it's a coming home to me.  I sat in meditation and my heart burst open and the tears rolled... touched by the unconditional love of the Grace of God.  Wow!  I did not want to leave.  I was Home.

The Sword of Archangel Michael

Abbey of Saint Michael
Sacra San Michele

The three most important Saint Michael monasteries on the straight line, known as a Ley Line, that start in Ireland known as Skellig Michael and in Cornwall, England over Saint Michaels' Mount and then to Symi Island in Greece to the Monastery of Saint Michael and then finishishing up at Mount Carmel.  You can see all seven sacred sanctuaries on the map above.

One legend has it, that this straight line is the sword of Michael that sent the devil to hell.  But as a path of the Sacred it is used as a pilgrimage for Christians who are seeking the resurrected Christ.  So, for me personally I felt it was so apt.  I was tired, exhausted in fact, it was a hard year or a hard number of years.  I felt that the Blessing was indeed helping me to resurrect my Christed Self back into full swing, but if I thought this was a good as it would get, I was going to find out it was not.  Torino now holds a place in my heart forever, with it's magic and mystique!

Archangel Michael's Sword of Truth began working within me.  I was seeking some answers in my personal life and my dreams became very vivid....... all I have to do is figure out what they mean!  Aha!  Seeking the Truth is not always an easy path!

Follow along with my posts because I'm going to bring you more of what I found in Turin!  It was a mysterious mission of Truth, so as you view the pics and read my posts, just allow yourself to be open to seeking your own answers, I hope my intentions and the Saints and Masters that are behind these sacred sites will assist us all to find your answers.... it's not in the words... it's in the energy!

LUXOR Light in Italy

My trip was interspersed with Energy Healing work that I do wherever I am and also with giving space to my host and beautiful friend Silvia.  Silvia got to complete her LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner Course  that she began online some weeks previous and to have her practical assessment while I was there.  What does that mean?  That means I got to have a healing to see if Silvia had what it takes!  Wow, Wow and Wow again... the Scientist turns Spiritual and she is a dynamo!  I can't wait to be able to share Silvia's contacts when she finishes her case studies!  Incredible visions, messages and an absolutely beautiful and powerful LUXOR Light Healing Channel.

If you would like to view my photos, please click here to go straight to them. But don't forget to look at the video first!

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