Saturday, 23 March 2019

11.11 Nile Cruise Meditation Retreat, Egypt

ChristinA inside cave at geb el silsila
11.11 Nile Meditation Retreat with ChristinA Ritchie

7 Days 6 Nights on the Nile!

From $2222AUD

Would you like to feel the Divine energy of a powerful awakening frequency flowing through you?

We share so much and it's on the Nile!

Come and experience the flow of the Divine

8 Nov - 14, 2019


Imagine whiling the day away on the Nile... yes the Nile, there is only one Nile and you can be just like the Ancients and visiting the sacred temples and other power sites along the way. 

If you ever wanted to give yourself something really super special, something magical, something that you will never forget, this has to be just what you are looking for.

Egypt is a magic place and it enables us to tap into that magic within ourselves. We remember the magic within, we feel the magic within and in some strange way, after we have been on one of these programs so many people continue to carry that magic within always and utilising it to create more magic in their lives.

Would you like to experience finding the magic within yourself?

On this program, we work the magic! Seriously! You will go deep into you tapping into that magic through meditation, healing and sacred sound... not too much, not too little, just enough to add some extra magic!

I carry the Sound Keys of Enoch, the Codes of Thoth and the Sacred Sounds of the Ancients pass through me and awaken you!  This program is unique and cannot be copied due to the gifts my I Am shares with you...  In Egypt it is even more powerful, come......

This particular trip has been running since 2008 but since 2016 it has taken the energies of the Twin Flame and Divine Counterpart purpose.  You do not have to have a Twin Flame incarnate because LUXOR Light aligns and awakens the Twin Soul at the 10th dimension and beyond and missions are awakened....

Connect with me and let's do it...

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LUXOR Light Activation Tour on the Nile 2019

ChristinA lives in Luxor right at the foot of Thoth Hill in her Home she calls Templedom, with Sheshat the Temple cat and has been taking groups on these Nile programs every year since 2008.  

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