Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Finding Harmony with the Twin Flame

Twin souls merging
Merging the Twin Souls

Healing the Wound between Twin Souls

Do you wish to Find and reunite with the other half of your Soul?  To find a way to come into harmony with your divine counterpart, the other half of you; your Twin Flame?  

Have you met your Twin Flame but find you are stuck in the dance of not being able to come together and not being able to let go and be apart either?

I have been Divinely inspired by spirit to bring a system that can calm the dance and return the Twin Flames to each other.  Through this divinely guided merging process that takes place on the Inner Planes, we are able to read the situation between Twin Flames and understand the dynamic that is holding us away from harmony and true union.

Twin Soul Coach

Acting as your coach and mentor, I will guide you every step of the way.  I have merged with my Twin Soul and found union with my Twin Flame through this process that was downloaded to me from Spirit.  This is not just a system but in fact a set of energies that enable an acceleration of consciousness that enables both Twins to heal at a faster rate and bring them into Harmony.  I was shown by Spirit how to understand the dynamic between Twin Flames and and how to assist Twins to come back into Harmony for the purpose of the Mission between Twins.

Twin Flames come together for a mission of ascension.  The union is about finding forgiveness and emotional maturity, so we can traverse the world of emotions and fully embrace the Fifth World of Harmony between the fully merged masculine and feminine.  This is an ascension process that assists both twins.

Merging Twin Souls

In 2004, I was downloaded with a system of energies and wisdom for Ascension for individuals.  The LUXOR Light Ascension Program prepares individuals for ascension through the healing journey that enables full Soul Merger and in turn the Soul to merge with it's Twin.  In due course those that have Twin Flames incarnate are ready for reunion.  The new Dance of the Eternal Flame program for Ascension is designed to bring the Twin Flame into alignment so the two can ascend in harmony together.

The coming together of the Twin Flames is one of patience and understanding.  A process of inner healing and understanding of self;  a love story first with yourself and the ultimate reunion with the other part of your soul that completes you on your way Home through Ascension.

The wonder of this program is that if you have not met your Twin Flame, it will enable you to bring harmony on the inner planes, so that if or when you meet your Divine Twin Flame, you have already done the energetic work and the coming together in the physical will be an easier transition.

If you have met your Twin Flame and you are caught in the dance of what is often referred to as the "runner and the chaser", this program assists you to tame the dance through the work on the inner planes so that the two opposites of the one Soul can find harmony and union with each other.

Dance of the Eternal Flame

Bringing Twin Flames into Union

Two Options - 

Option 1
Intimate One on One Twin Soul Coaching
6 Week Package 
Live Video Mentoring program with ChristinA
90 minute session per week 
Including a personally guided meditation to bring true union
Mentoring and support
Fully recorded for your own personal use and revision.

After the completion of the 6 week program, you will have the option to continue on a casual basis if you wish at just $100 per hour with full support.  (I recommend an optional 6 weeks extra)

Option 2
A Group Twin Soul Coaching Session
6 week Package
Live Video Mentoring program with ChristinA
up to 2 hour Session
Including personally guided meditation to bring True Union.
Mentoring and Support
Fully recorded for your own personal use and revision.

Next Live Course Begins 30 March 2018
(need 10 in the group to start)

After the completion of the 6 week program, you will have the option to continue on a casual basis with the one on one private mentoring session with ChristinA for just $100/hour.

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