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The Importance of Earthing

ChristinA Ritchie of LUXOR Light Healing and Earthing

The Importance of Earthing

I had a message come through today for one of my healing clients, but really it is a message that can serve us all, so I want to share.  I'm going to keep it simple because I want you to do it.  I may come back later and add to the post, but for now I really just want to send the message out to you.  I'm always happy for you to connect with me and ask questions, simply post a comment in the comment box or email me.

Our Aura and the Earth

I am shown a person (you) standing with bare feet on two magnetic plates that are the shape of the feet. I feel this means that you must make “connection” with the electromagnetic plates of the earth.
Our aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds our body, we know that. But in the case of having health issues, our aura becomes weakened. We can say that our aura is the same as our soul nature and it reflects our innermost desires and feelings or emotions, therefore the stronger our aura or our electromagnetic field is the healthier we are on the inner nature as well. Making regular connection with the electromagnetic field of the earth will enable a faster healing approach to your physical body because it is working in alignment with our beloved Gaia or Mother Earth. She assists us to heal our physical. While God/Universe/Sources helps us to heal at the level of the spiritual/ascension, the earth and all her physical attributes help us to heal on a physical level. We need both to be a healthy hue-man being anchoring the spiritual mission on this earth. So, along with daily physical exercise, placing your feet on the bare earth in order to connect with the health-giving platelets of mother earth will enable you to receive more vital energies. I know it’s very cold in some parts of the world now, so, you will have to improvise. If you can’t get your feet on the earth at all because it’s too cold them imagine it, but do it inside with bare feet. When the weather is warm enough take the opportunity to get your feet on the earth as much as you can. Another thing you could do is to place two small round magnets under your feet as you do your breathing exercise that I suggest below. This will help you to align with the earth's magnetic flow and keep you in this constant balance.

Daily Earthing Exercise

Imagine you are breathing in from the light of source and allow the Golden Christ Light to come down through your central column and allow it to flow on down to the core of the earth. From the earth see the life giving energies coming back up and into your body, feeding every cell and every organ of your body and allow the energies to flow on back up to source where they then come back down again feeding you with the spiritual light of Higher Consciousness. 

Keep this breathing sequence up for at least 3 minutes.

Earthing Symbol

I see a beautiful symbolism of a downward pointing trianglular shape with light being emitted from it and an image of the earth inside the triangular shape. The message is to keep earthing and this will assist your health to be restored.

Distant Healing Session

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