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Through the Minds Eye

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Through the Minds Eye

When I give a reading or a healing session, I get my messages through visions that appear before my mind's eye as a message.  Sometimes the visions are static and sometimes they are moving.  The visions are so wide and varied that I decided it was time to start writing a list of possible interpretations for these symbolisms.  Sometimes it's hard to understand why we see certain things, but most times, my clients will tell me that what I have seen and how I have passed on the message is either spot on or certainly makes a lot of sense to them and where they are in their life at present.

Through the journey of my spiritual teaching and  healing work, my visionary abilities or my clairvoyance continue to develop and get stronger and so even through my personal daily meditations, the messages become more and more interesting and so, I decided to start a list of possible meanings to some of the symbolisms that I see.  You have to start somewhere, so I will endeavour to keep the list updated as much as I can and eventually you will find a detailed list on my site here to assist you with understanding some of the mystical messages that come to you - "the mystic".  I will also endeavour to give some tips along the way on how you can awaken your third eye in a natural and gentle way and learn to understand a little more about the awakened third eye.  I hope you enjoy the articles.

What is Clairvoyance?

Clair means "clear and voyance means "vision", so Clairvoyance means "clear visions.  The visions are "clearly seen" within the "minds eye" through pictures and symbols that enable me to receive "intuitive information", that helps me to bring through messages for you from my Higher Self and my connection with my spirit guides and Ascended Masters as well as your Spirit Guides.  Sometimes the visions are seen as an image that triggers an intuitive understanding of why I am being shown a certain image.  Other times I see it like a snippet of a movie playing out in front of me, but in my head.  


Most of the time the visions come in symbolic form and that requires the Mystic in me to be able to intuit the meaning and bring the message through for you, my client.  I've always had this ability, but, in truth, I didn't know it was anything other than an over active imagination and even until recently, I still thought that clairvoyants had something I didn't have.  I have only just realised that what I see is the same way as what I pay other people to do for me.  The difference is that I was not using my gift.  

Use it or Lose it!

We all the know the saying "use it, or lose it".  This is so true, a gift left dormant will eventually just fade out because I believe that unless we use our gifts, there really is no point in having it.  Imagine this.... You receive a packet of hankies for Christmas, but you never use hankies, you use tissues.  You will put the hankies away in the draw and you will forget you even have them.  One day, you will find your packet of hankies and you will decide if you want to use them, or throw them out.  Haha, couldn't think of another example!  

I decided a while ago I should use all the gifts I carry, otherwise there is no point having them.  I would be an Indian Giver, giving back the Gift I am supposed to use.  I opened to my powerful healing energy gifts a long time ago, but did not realise that in so doing, I was also using my clairvoyance and constantly said, I am not clairvoyant.  As we all know, we should be careful what we say, lest it become manifest.  So, in the background I have been using my clairvoyant gifts but not recognising them for what they are.  I "lessened" my ability in not recognising my Self.  Recently I purchased a course in opening to Clairvoyance, but I only watched the first introduction class and did the first exercise only to find I already do it all and in the first exercise the clairvoyant gave, my third eye bounced out very big and beautiful in my minds eye, showing me that it is already wide open and waiting to be used.  Still to this day, I have not done the rest of the exercises, instead, I have just started using my psychic clairvoyance in the way it has been waiting for me to do.  Developing clairvoyance comes with a willingness to use it.  I have already had confirmation many times from my clients that what I see is accurate and giving clear guidance.  I'm choosing to use it and never lose it!

Stay tuned for my Clairvoyant Visionary Symbols coming to you on this blog!

Clairvoyant Visionary Reading

A sitting with me for a clear vision reading can have a multi-layered benefit.  You will receive an energetic upgrade to your energy field when our energies combine and blockages will be cleared enabling a shift within you.  This happens on an invisible realm, but is often "felt" by the you, the client.  I like to bring you "up" to the highest point you can be in that moment, so you are removed from the weight of baggage that no longer serves you.  You will receive guidance through the clear seeing that comes through and you will also receive wisdom teachings and sometimes you will also receive messages of wisdom at the Highest Level from the energies of the Ascended Masters, through the Language of Light that is spoken by the Ascended Masters and the Angels.  These messages are so highly charged with very Higher Light Frequencies, that they begin to shift you on your ascension path / spiritually uplift you.   And then there is the Sacred Sound frequencies that pass through me from my I Am Presence Ametron bringer of Truth.  These Sacred Sounds cut through the density of our egoic mind and lift us up out of the darkness so we can embody the higher layers of our own True and Divine Self here on Earth.

If you would like a Skype reading with me, the fee is $33 per half hour.  The fee is for my time, not my Gift.  The Gift will give you far more than you could possibly imagine, you only need to be "open to receive".

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