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5 Steps to Twin Flame Reunion

Twin Flames - Dance of the Eternal Flame
Twin Flames - Dance of the Eternal Flame

Twin Flame Reunion

If twin souls are one soul in 2 bodies and we only come together when there is enough harmony within the individual body then, Twin Souls are a more simple concept than we think.

I'm not saying coming together with your Twin Soul is simple, far from it.  The concept is simple if we look at it this way...

God has many Mansions

Most people are seeking their significant other half, finding the life of the lonesome traveller on this planet to be too hard.  It is too hard because we have not yet come to a complete balance within both aspects of the self.  Those aspects are those of the balanced masculine and feminine within each house of our self.  Those houses of self are our Chakras.  When we have balanced all seven chakras and come into harmony with the masculine and feminine aspects within each chakra, then we have found our true balanced masculine and feminine nature within.  Our houses have become mansions.

We have travelled many lifetimes to come to this point and then when that is accomplished, our consciousness is then ready to invite in another significant other.  That significant other is the physical counterpart that represents the opposite of ourselves.  For a female it is the male counterpart and for the male it is the female counterpart or in case of the same sex it would be the opposite dynamic, the one who carries the male or female energy.

Before we can come together with the Twin Soul or Twin Flame, first we must have balance and harmony with our masculine feminine aspects of self.  While many people have accomplished fifth dimensional chakras and have developed the masculine and feminine aspects within the chakras, these aspects can still be out of balance.   Therefore, the journey continues in finding that perfect balance and being in harmony with the dual aspect of our true nature.  Some people meet their twin flame or twin soul before they have found harmony within themselves and therefore there will always be a clash of natures with the mirror self known as the Twin Flame or Twin Soul.

Confusion with the purpose of Twin Flames

Our Soul reached such a high degree of consciousness it wanted to birth greater consciousness onto our planet, so it split in two recognising the need to grow and evolve in order to find harmony within the single self first, then harmony with the masculine and feminine self.  At this point, confusion begins with the desire for another to fulfil something missing in our own lives.

5 Steps to Twin Flame Reunion

1.  At the beginning, we have Man and Woman and they come together to procreate and or to fulfil a part of themselves that is missing.  The nature of the man and the nature of the woman, the divine union that comes together as a marriage between man and woman represents the union of opposites.  That is the first step on the ladder.

2.  The next stage is when the individual begins to develop the masculine and feminine aspects of the self and starts to become more divine in nature.  Steadily the growth begins and chakra by chakra we develop chakras that express alternately as they climb up the chakra column adapting to the opposite polarity within each chakra.  This is the journey into the fifth dimension and becoming the perfected human; not man not woman, but androgynous.

The androgynous Being is a man fully embodying his divine feminine and masculine nature or a woman fully embodying her divine masculine and feminine nature.  These  Androgynous Beings are Fifth Dimensional.  The journey into the fifth dimension is developing these masculine and feminine aspects of the self within each and every chakra.

3.  Now as the growth goes on and you have fully embodied these masculine and feminine sides of nature within each chakra, we begin the journey into the six dimensional level of consciousness.  While on this journey, our aim is to be able to fully activate and balance these new sides of self.  You might even meet an expression of your Twin Flame or Twin Soul at this level, but it is too hard to face this mirror and often times the old memory of "man meets woman and the two shall live happily ever after", confuses the point and a clash of wills begins.  One side is still mostly male and one side is still mostly female and the confusion of Twin Flames and Twin Souls and the concept of relationship begins and aspects of personality may battle out because that is still embedded in the cellular memory.  The human nature is still wanting to win over their opposite, not understanding that you cannot rush this union.  This is the ultimate growth phase and each side must be fully balanced in their own dual aspects of male/female in each chakra.

The insistance of relationship must go out the door!

4.  Replacing the notion of relationship with the understanding of creating Union between opposites becomes the next phase.  Each side of the soul divided, must be balanced and ready to merge with the gifts held by the opposite counterpart.  This can not be forced.  When one part of the whole reaches desperately toward the other side of soul, the opposite side will repel, or run.  Harmony must be a gradual process.  Each individual must recognise their own weaknesses and their own reactions and learn to bring interactions into harmony, responding rather than reacting to the reflection of self.

Harmony is within the Two

If a Twin Flame is one Soul in two bodies and the journey of each individual half of the original one soul is to be in harmony with God/Divine Nature, then the key is always in the essence of the number Two.  1+1=2  Partnership comes only when the two aspects are able to work in harmony with each other.   If we add unhealed aspects together, we only come up with a bigger unhealed situation.  We must first heal ourselves at the level of the individual.  Individual healed + individual healed = Partnership/Union.  Unhealed individual + Unhealed individual = Chaos.  Harmony comes when Chaos is brought into order from the balance that comes when opposing polarities are able to work in harmony with the other.

Chakras and Partnerships

Now looking at the relevance of partnerships as seen in the relevance of the second chakra and the qualities held therein, we recognise that, the second chakra deals with relationships, understanding gender/sex and identity, and in creation itself even.  The second chakra is orange in it's most healthy state and orange brings harmony.  So, we can see that the second chakra is very important when it comes to finding Union in relationship.  Harmony is at one with both aspects of the self; ie: with both masculine and feminine aspects of the self.  When 1+1 becomes 2 and when 2 finds oneness within the self, we have 2 + 1 = 3.  Masculine (1) + Feminine (2) = Creation (3) and in the sacred mathematics of the 3 we find the Divine nature within and purpose is awakened.  I hope this is not too confusing.

5. Our Divine Nature is not concerned with relationship and the concept of man meets woman and lives happily ever after.  Our Divine Nature is concerned with how the Divine can be embodied within everything and everyone.  So, when both counterparts, both male and female parts of the Twin Flame can find harmony with each other the flame burns brighter and as the two flames come together, sparks of that great divine nature can touch other souls and begin to awaken the flame within them and so the awakening of other divine creation is born again.  This is the purpose of the Twin Flame/Twin Soul Union.  The sparks that come from the Twin Flame are lost if we confuse the connection with that of a Human Relationship.  The sparks will smoulder within the losing of the self to another.  Instead, when two Twin Flames find harmony with each other, the love that is held as a constant between them becomes the fuel that ignites other flames and so the awakening of Humanity is able to accelerate.

Finding your Twin Flame

They say it is rare for us to find our twin flame, but that it is becoming more and more common now.  The reason it is becoming more and more common, is because we are evolving to a higher consciousness and so many more souls are feeling the desire to reunite with their other side of self.  The call goes out at the time your consciousness is high enough and you energetically attract the Twin Flame or Twin Soul to you.  However, it is rare for Twin Flames to find Union because as a whole, our consciousness is not yet ready to understand the true meaning of Twin Flame union and the mission is therefore lost in the yearning for "relationship" instead of keeping the love alive through a constant striving toward and into Harmony, allowing for that love to be felt by others instead of being swallowed up in human desire of each individual.  This is not to say you cannot have a relationship with your Twin Flame, but that it is often hard to stay focused on the true purpose of the union.  To place your focus on creating a relationship from the connection between yourself and your Twin Flame also shifts and lowers the consciousness back to that of "man meets woman, they procreate and live happily ever after".  Instead it would be better to think "Divine meets Divine and they co-create forever into eternity".

All Twin Flames come together to assist Humanity in Awakening.  It is not about romance, but rather about the dance of the eternal flame.

Summerizing the 5 Steps to Twin Flame Reunion

1  Develop the masculine and feminine within each chakra
2  Work towards having a balance between both these aspects within each chakra
3  Attract in the Twin Soul or Twin Flame
4  Work toward finding harmony between each other.
5  Keeping the Mission the goal of the Union

Twin Flames - Dance of the Eternal Flame

I have been intuitively guided to create a new program designed to assist you in clearing the blockages and bringing balance and harmony to your chakra system in readiness to receive the new frequencies that lift your frequency to that which matches your Twin Flame, so the Dance of the Eternal Flame can begin.

If you would like to be first to know when the program is about to be launched, please register below.

Other Twin Flame articles I have written on my journey of connecting with my Twin Flame.  I made the decision to learn as much as I could along the way and share as I go.  I've written from the perspective of where I was at on each step of the way.  I can see the progress and now am enjoying the journey that has come first from confusion and denial, to acceptance, to way too hard, to now excited to focus on the harmonics of the connection and learning to live in accordance of the true purpose.... feeling freer all the time.... guidance and intuitive understanding is clearer and I feel we are getting closer to achieving the harmony that all Twin Flames are here to achieve firstly with each other and then energetically with world...

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