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What is an Energy Medicine Healing Practitioner

christina ritchie sharing the light in  an Egypt monastery
Sharing energy of the Divine Mother, Monastery near the Valley of the Queens, Egypt

LUXOR Light Energy Medicine

In dictionary terminology "Medicine", is the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease or, a drug or other preparation for the treatment or prevention of disease.  So, that's how most people think when they think of medicine.

In LUXOR Light we work with energy and study energy through the experience of ourselves, learning how, through awakening to these specific empowerment energies they can affect us and our health and wellbeing.  I always recommend my students to use themselves as their own best case study and in so doing they are able to understand their clients so much better.  After working firstly on themselves and undertaking a thorough self healing and awakening program that enables you to embody the light of these specific energies that are for the mission of ascension, we begin the process of understanding energy as a medicine.

Energy as a Medicine

We've talked about the LUXOR Light energies as a frequency with a specific mission directed toward ascension before, but not really as an energy medicine.  I want to explain simply to you how this works.

Firstly, let's keep things simple, because we can.  Keeping things simple means that anyone is able to grasp this wisdom and embody it.  Wisdom "is" held in the energy and so through a thorough understanding of ones own healing process through the use of the LUXOR Light frequencies/energies, you begin to be able to feel the energy in so many different ways.  You can begin to get to know the personality of the energy and how it is working through you and how it you can notice the changes within yourself.  Once you are able to understand how the energy works through you, you are then able to feel the energy as it works on your clients.  You are able to feel where the blockages are in the energy field/subtle bodies and know how to clear them.  You are able to "read" the energy field and give an energy diagnosis and of course administer the energy just as you would administer a medicine.  The energy becomes the medicine that works through the subtle bodies bringing balance and harmony to the energy field and strengthening it so dis-ease to the physical body does not take place.  If, however, dis-ease has already manifested into the physical body, the energy medicine is still needed in order to keep the energy field in balance and clear of impurities so the physical body can heal at a faster and more efficient rate.

The Wisdom of Energy Medicine

What do you think when you think of the word wisdom?  What does it mean to you?  

Some people might say it is the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement or the quality of being wise.  But, true wisdom is held within and what is held within can never truly be expressed in words, at least the words cannot truly express the true wisdom.  If true wisdom is held within, then it could more accurately be described as energy.  When we express wisdom through words, it is more the energy that is expressing through those words rather than the knowledge that is more connected to words.  

If you can grasp what I have said above, then you can see that to experience energy medicine, means that you are having a direct experience with true wisdom.  True wisdom is expressed through the energy channel of the facilitator.  The receptor, whether it be the facilitator or the individual receiving the energy medicine, is receiving the "wisdom" and that in turn allows the individual,  once they are familiar with this wisdom to come to "Know Thyself" and in so doing, the medicine has been administered and true healing begins.  

LUXOR Light Energy Medicine Healing Practitioner

Becoming a LUXOR Light Energy Medicine Healing Practitioner begins with a thorough process of healing the Self through the powerful energies of LUXOR Light Ascension.  This is done through a unique form of meditation practice that was channelled to ChristinA in 2004 with the purpose of assisting others to embody the high frequencies that enable continual shifts in consciousness.  ChristinA continues to bring new energies through and therefore the system is constantly updated through the Universal energetic web.  Once the individual is able to fully embody the wisdom of the energy, they are then able to undertake the training to become the Energy Medicine Specialist.  

Healing through the Ethers

The thing with energy medicine is that you don't need to be face to face with the practitioner in order to receive the energy medicine or the energy diagnosis.  A LUXOR Light Energy Medicine Practitioner can read your energy field from anywhere in the world and all they need is your name and birth date as permission to tune into your energy field.  You can receive the energy analysis/diagnosis and receive the energy medicine to bring you into alignment with your true self in order to raise your frequency to it's highest potential at any given time, so you can receive the healing that is required in that moment.

When receiving a distant healing with an energy medicine specialist you will be receiving the wisdom administered directly through the energy and shifts in the consciousness of every cell of your body begins to take place.  When consciousness shifts, so too can the health of body, mind and spirit.

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