Thursday, 10 August 2017

Close of the Lion's Gate 12th August

Close of the Lion's Gate Energies

We are still in the window of the massive energies being sent to us from Sirius during this Lion's Gate.  The Gate closes on August 12 and those of us who have been receptive to receive the energies that are being showered upon us right now will begin to notice the shifts occurring which will most likely begin to amplify in the days to come.

If we did the work, the preparation from the moment the Gate opened, then by now we should already be seeing the shifts within ourselves.  This particular Gate also opened with the full moon in Aquarius meaning some of the qualities that would be amplified for us would be the light being shone on our humanitarian aspects of self.  Our determination would be even stronger with the Leo influence and the Lion's Gate.  We will have the determination of a Lion!  Our individual qualities have an opportunity to shine brighter under these influences and in some cases you may feel the urge to just rebel against the status quo or even rebel against the outworn parts of yourself.  The light influxes under this moon as we entered the peak of the Lion's Gate was pushing us to our full independence and to be the pioneer of new things.   But, wait, there is more!  We also had a Lunar Eclipse!

Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon and Lion's Gate

A Lunar eclipse is when the earth blocks the suns rays from reaching the moon during the full moon and the moon is cast within the Earth's Shadow.  This affects us in such a way that we are unable for a brief window to reflect our Light and we are drawn into ourselves.  It sets the perfect environment for us to surrender and let parts of our self go that no longer serves us so we can step closer into our full potential.

The energy of this cycle asks us to let go and move through the Gateway as we did on August 8.  Now, we are coming through the other side and we are seeing that indeed it is time to let go and surrender and be in the space that is perfect for us in this now moment.  We don't need to keep living the same old, same old.  We don't need to carry that any more and what is good for us, when it comes from a pure heart space is good for all those around us.  This is a time for pure unconditional love, of self and of others, a time of forgiveness and a time of true letting go.  Letting go on a higher order, that means no blame, no conditions, no what ifs, no buts, just pure letting go and being completely in the heart space.  Being completely in the heartspace is just acceptance, clean, pure and true.

The full moon is now waning, the eclipse is now moved on, you have looked within and shone the light on the deepest fears held within you and you have walked through the Gate of the Lion with the courage of the Lion.  You have said I am ready and willing to let go of "ideas" and let the path unfold in it's highest order, totally surrendered to what is to come and fully embracing the Now.

Lion's Gate Shining Awareness on Relationships

This will begin to get stronger as the days forge ahead and as the window of the Lion's Gate closes on the 12th of August.  You have set the wheels in motion for a new degree of freedom and things might start to speed up.  You have to be totally in allowance of this new sense of surrender and not invite back in old fears.   Now, is a time to really know what your own psyche is telling you, your intuition, your inner knowing.  Listen to your dreams because they are guiding you right now.  Your intuition has never been so alert and ready to shower you with knowingness, but it is up to you to listen.

There is a real connection between relationships at this time of the year and moving into new phases.  The eclipse held a key in that for us if we were aware enough to notice.  The 88 suggests bigger stuff; you know - bigger forgiveness, bigger unconditionality, bigger possibilities, bigger potentials.  This can reflect strongly on all relationships all the way to the Twin Flame connections.  We have the opportunity here if we are connected to our Twin Flame to read the situation in it's true light.  Notice I said Twin Flame connection, not Twin Flame relationship.  It is only the still needy side of us that sees Twin Flames as relationships.  Twin Flames are here to wake us up to ourselves and that is all, what happens after that is anyone's guess really.  No one can really fully understand them because each twin flame connection is unique to the individuals.  They are here to wake us up to the next level of ourselves and the Lion's Gate assists that to happen.  But, this happens to all of us, not just Twin Flames.  We all have to wake up to ourselves  - both sides of ourselves, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  

Wake up Call of the Lion's Gate

The Lion's Gateway 8:8 portal is a wake up call!  A call to surrender to the All That Is You; both masculine and feminine, both Divine.  The energies are flooding us from the Great Central Sun, through our Sun, The Star Sirius to our Earth.  This window is called the Planetary New Year and is most certainly a time for celebrations as we are showered with new Light Codes that help the evolution of the Earth and humanity.  The Gate closes on 12 August but the energies will be felt right up to our total solar eclipse on August 21/22 helping you to receive the energies that assist you to build on your own personal pyramid and awaken to your Higher Self.  

 Be in allowance, be kind to yourself, receive the Love that flows through to you, you will emerge through this gate a new you, more empowered and more on track than ever before.  This is your gateway, and your path ahead, open it gently, it might be a bit rusty and the path ahead might be a bit over-grown, but be the brave you, the one that has the courage of the Lion and put a smile on your face and open your heart to what lies ahead of you.... 


Sirius Energies, Gate always Open

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