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August Solar Eclipse more Shifts of Awakening

Solar Eclipse energies for August 21

What is a Solar Eclipse

On August 21 during the Phase of the New Moon we will be having a full Solar Eclipse.  An eclipse of the Sun happens when the New Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sun's rays and a shadow on some parts of the Earth.

During the time of an eclipse the energies are always extra intense.  We are drawn in as suggested by the moon casting a shadow over certain parts of the earth.  We may find that we feel like we too have a shadow of darkness cast over a part of our emotional or mental side of our self.  It's a time to look within and feel deep into the aspects of ourselves that we have not brought fully into the light.  We do in effect go through the same experience as our environment.  As we see in nature the shadow cast upon the earth, we see the shadow cast upon our own inner nature as we wait for the darkness to pass and we can bathe in the clear light once again.

Visiting our Shadow Selves

Because it happens at the time of the New Moon when the moon is already moving into it's dark stage before it begins it's journey again, it has an intensified effect on our nature and draws us into our own shadow.

For up to 3 days before the event and 3 days after the event we are able to feel these effects.  We are pulled inward and so it is a really good time to meditate and be in full awareness of the phase of the natural environment and our nature rhythm in sync with the Sun and the Moon.

What is it that you need to reflect upon?  What is casting the shadow?

Solar Eclipse a Portal of Hidden Power

The Solar Eclipse is a portal of hidden power just like our Solar Plexus when it is not yet fully healed and you are not able to draw on the most positive aspects of your "Soul" power.

The Solar eclipse therefore, signifies a turning point for us.  We have been through so many shifts this year and it has not been an easy ride, but we are now ready to turn the corner as we move toward the September Equinox.

Eclipses upset the natural order of things because they interrupt the normal expression of the sun and the moon (the way we express our emotions), so they can upset and interrupt the normal expression of ourselves too.

Solar Eclipse and the Lion's Gate Portal

Numerologically the August 2017 eclipse will be a reflection of the what we were passing through the close of Lion's Gate Portal on August 12.   Both days vibrate to the 3.  August 12 drawing in the Light of Christ Consciousness and August 21 drawing in the unconditional love essence urging us inward to seek and find our own Divinity and Shining Light I Am.  Ultimately they both bring in the Christ Consciousness that resides deep within our Heart 12/3 and 21/3; both reflections of each other.

The amplified 3 energies that shine from our own "Solar" Centre (Solar Plexus) may be feeling rattled and a little anxious of what is to come.  Without knowing why you feel this way, you can be sure it is the power of the eclipse portal offering you another opportunity to conquer your deepest fears so you can shine your light brighter than before.

On the 12th of August we were able to freely express that Light and then on the 21st we are tested with our own shadow of darkness and asked to be gentle and remember that every cloud has a silver lining and the Sun with Shine again within us.  Staying in the Now and focusing on being centred and still during this passing phase.

Yes!  This too will pass!

A Time of Stillness

Be still, don't travel, don't work if you don't have to, curl up, sleep, meditate, reflect, journal and make a conscious effort to put awareness into the inner nature and what is beckoning to be brought back out of the shadows for healing.

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