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August Colour Therapy and Healing Karma

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Colour Therapy Healing for the Self

Every month is a good month to begin a new phase of healing, but we are in August, so I want to discuss the significance of healing during August. 

Generally speaking we are working with the energies of the 8, being the 8th month and this means it's a fantastic time to deal with forgiveness and activate the unconditional love essence within you. It also relates to healing karma and that Karma can be within yourself or with another person. Karma is only a meeting of egos, of past personalities and being given an opportunity to become more of your true nature, so, August is a good time for looking at those aspects of self, or personality connections from past lives and tidying up loose ends.... 

Karma is only unfinished business after all, but the trouble is, egos get involved and judgment starts to rule the roost! 

Healing Karma with Colour Therapy

So, back to the number 8. When we have dealt with karma and forgiven and activated the unconditional love essence then we can access the Infinite potentialities that we all have access to from our more balanced side.

The number 8 vibrates to the frequency of Magenta.  So, if you want to deal with healing a karmic situation, go all out to immerse yourself with magenta.  Magenta is all forgiving, it's unconditional and it is a true reflection of "as above, so below".  Magenta is made up of the violet frequencies of Heaven/spiritual and the red frequencies of the physical/earth.  Bringing the two together to blend into magenta helps us to embody our spiritual side with our physical side.  It's bringing Heaven to Earth and isn't that exactly what we are trying to do?  

Finding Forgiveness through Colour Therapy

When we think about karmic situations, there can be many things we need to learn through these situations, but most definitely forgiveness is often a part of this.  Magenta just dissolves all hurts and allows us to know true forgiveness.  We don't forgive until we forget, you know, when it just doesn't matter any more.  That is true forgiveness.  I remember buying a picture of the Master Jesus from a Monastery in Luxor some years back and the words written on it were "When I forgive, I forget".  When I read that I realised that a situation in my life that I was saying I had forgiven the person, in reality I had not, because I had not forgotten.  I was still caught up in the story.  But, a few years down the track now, I can truly say I have forgiven.  Now I see that same situation as just that, a story, a drama and a karmic situation I had invited into my life to heal.  Once all is forgiven you can love the individual or the situation as something that was significantly important in your life.  A situation that gave you immense spiritual growth and no bad feelings are left.  In fact, I have found where once I could replay that story over and over in my mind, but now I can't even really remember it.  It's as if there is a veil over it, hiding it, as if it was just a far distant dream/nightmare that really isn't real at all.  And, that is the truth of it.  It is not real.  Magenta will help you to get there and let go of all hurts.

Activating Unconditional Love through Colour Therapy

Once we have come to that place of forgiveness there really is only unconditional love left to embody.  Again, embodying unconditional love, or activating the essence of unconditional love can be felt while immersed in the frequencies of magenta.  The more you immerse yourself in it, the more accustomed you come to it, the more you merge fully with that element that lives within you that is unconditional love.  We become comfortable with it, we begin to wear it within and it shines without. 

So, by now you can see the power of magenta and August is a magenta month.  Just by acknowledging the frequencies of forgiveness and unconditional love and intending to fully merge and meet at the same frequency is how we can overcome these challenges.  Aligning with and merging with a particular frequency brings us into that state.  That is the way to heal now, so colour therapy can become an even more powerful tool than ever before.  It paves the way....

How to Heal with Magenta

This is what I want to share with you through the colour therapy courses.  I want to help you to know how to use colour as a healing tool and as a vehicle for aligning with the awesome frequencies of the colour rays so you can become the most positive you... become your True Nature by using what mother nature has gifted us.

We can work with the colour frequencies through breath work, through our visualisations, through crystals and oils, through numerology, through prayer and meditation and many many other ways.  I would love to help you to find your colourful path in life as you fully embody all the healing rays and live in accordance to your true essence, the natural you, your spirit on earth.

Colour Therapy Healing Tools

What a wonderful month to start healing of self.  The courses listed on my website are awesome colour therapies opportunities for you, so why no jump in and take charge of your own healing with gaining knowledge of how to work with the colour rays. My courses are super cheap, but that is no reflection of how powerful the work is if you set your mind to it. I even have a forever portal of colour therapy mentoring for you if you choose.

Anyway, why not get started with the next round of courses going out and get started with Awakening to your Passion

Don't forget to check out the Forever Colour Me option...

Please share the love and clink on the link to find out more on my website.

Oodles of Love and Colour Filled Rays of Unconditional love to you !

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