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Trusting the Process and Ascension Codes of Tel el Amarna

pictures of tombs tel el armana
Tombs at Beni Hasan

Trusting the Process

Wow life at the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension is busy!  Since our opening on March 3, we have been full steam ahead fulfilling our mission.  For 13 years we have waited for this mission to be grounded to a physical location and for 9 years we have waited for the full circle to come about so we could return to this very same property to begin to fulfill the purpose we in LUXOR Light are here for.  This is called "trusting the process".  It's been a long wait but each step along the way has held immense growth and learning.  I didn't really do any of the manifesting type actions and as time has gone on, I have discovered that what I was doing by placing my only focus on raising my levels of consciousness and assisting others to do the same, was giving allowance for time to place matching frequencies together.  Everything has it's time and everything that is to play a part on our Soul's journey will ultimately always play out.  I let go and Let God and if you take a look at that saying, you can see there is only a "d" the difference... oh and capital L and capital G.  Let go and allow the "d" / divine to take care of the rest.  We don't have to play the manifesting game any more.  Frequencies are what it takes.  Be at the highest frequency you can be and all that matches that divinity will come about.  So, we are now full steam ahead with the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension.

Since the beginning of May we have been non-stop.  We had an ascension cruise on the Nile for the WESAK full moon, from Luxor to Gebel el Silsila and back to coincide with the ever powerful LUXOR Light Ascension course here at the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension.  We completed Levels one and two and then took a break and traveled north to Tel el Amarna and the city of Akhetaten.  While we were there we covered so much ground that I have not covered before.  I visited Tel el Amarna back in 2006, but didn't get to see the whole area.  This time we began with the tombs at Beni Hasan with magnificent views over the Nile.  Rather awe struck with this location.
I had slept all the way from Luxor, drawn into some deep slumber and the energies were starting to show me just why.  The whole trip is now starting to be bit of a blur because we did so much both physically and energetically.I have hardly had a minute to report in since!

We stayed at el Minya in a lovely little hotel and the following morning headed out to tel el Amarna.  This was certainly very different to my last visit.  We started with the Royal Tombs of the Akhenaten family.  The energy was gentle, not like some of the more energetic tombs in the Valley of the Kings.  Whether this is because no one was ever actually buried here or not I don't know.  Apparently they think Akhenaten was buried here, but they never found a body.

11:11 Gateway or Signpost

We were given permission to meditate in the Royal tomb and when we were finished the guard headed me off to another unfinished tomb that have been meant for Nerfertiti - according to one article I read.  This tomb was also within the main Royal tomb and a weird thing happened.  I was walking down the left side of when my foot slipped and somehow I ended up in a head first dive diagonally over to the right. I cracked the right side of my head badly on the bottom corner of the wall as I seemingly dived headfirst into the wall.  With the loud crunch I gave a bit of a scream and stopped head down in the tomb dust.  My left shoulder was grazed and my left elbow bruised and swollen.  The right side of my head had cuts and grazes and an egg began to swell.  Immediately I hit the wall and let out my "aaagh", I began to chant a mantra "  Hundara miy na Hyatah Ekoyanah" which is a purification mantra given to me from my Higher Self / I Am Presence.  I was a tad in shock but got up and walked up and out of the tomb, still chanting the mantra to myself.  The swelling of the egg on my head began to go down and the bleeding didn't last long.  While I could feel a headache coming on, it very soon dissipated with the use of the mantra.  It all happened so quickly a little after 11am.  We got in the car and drove a short distance to another location with the Boundary Stelae of Akhenaten and Nefertiti is located. At exactly 11:11, I received a phone call from my twin flame saying he had tried to call me, but my phone was off and that he had been having a bad feeling.  I explained that I was probably out of range in the tomb and that I had taken a fall.  The strange thing is, while I was still a little dazed, my wounds were making a rapid healing and it was beginning to become clear to me that there must have been some unexplainable reason to take a fall.  I wasn't sure what it could be, but the day before at Beni Hasan, I had laid in the space of the sarcophagus in one of the tombs for a short meditation and so thought maybe I had triggered a brief death rebirth experience.

I always see 11's among many other things, as a sign of the mirror.  1 being the individual and facing the other 1, mirroring each other.  So, I see 11:11, among many other things as a sign of the twin flame/soul.  It can be a gateway and a tomb is certainly a gateway to another world.  It appears I'm being offered an opportunity to move through another Gateway.  I don't know what that is at the moment but, "trusting the process", I'm sure I'm going to find out. in due course.

Cocoon or ET Egg

Just another short drive and we came to the tomb of Ay.  This felt weird to me, because I am so familiar with the tomb of Ay at the Valley of the Monkeys near the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. The tomb at the Valley of the Monkeys holds such a powerful energetic presence and yet this tomb, although very beautiful didn't really have much of an energy charge to it all other than the energy of the mountain.  But, there is something mysterious about this tomb and I would have to say, for me it is the most beautiful tomb I've ever been in; not for the reliefs on walls but because it was almost temple-like with huge pillars inside.  Also, there was a stairway with 29 steps that took a sharp turn to the right and at the bottom there was a large boulder that had apparently mysteriously rolled down the stairs all on it's own at some point, or so we were told, but I can't find any recording of that.  However, it was really weird and reminiscent of the movie "Cocoon".  We stood at the bottom of the stairs just staring at this great big perfectly round flint-like boulder.  It was rather eerie, almost like there was some sort of message regarding the boulder.  Another mysterious thing in the tomb of Ay, were these holes in the floor of the tomb that appeared to be purposely created and from them came a gush of air.  Was that intended to be to help the priests or slaves that were to go into the tomb with the King, so they could breathe a little longer.  I can't find anything on that either.  This tomb is certainly worth a second visit for meditation.  I wasn't in the mood after my fall, however, I did do a recording of what came through me when I stood in front of the Hymn to the Aten that was on the walls to the left just as we entered the tomb.  Listening to this track will open you to Codes that are intended for passing on.  I wouldn't get anything otherwise.

Akhenaten's Temple

Temple of Akhenaten

Before we left the Amarna experience, we stopped by the Temple of Nefertiti and the Temple of Akhenaten.  There isn't much left of these temples now, but it appears they are starting to do some reconstruction building.  We went to Akhenaten's Temple first and I discovered that last time, when I traveled specifically to Egypt for this temple, I had in fact not seen it.  I had made it to Nefertiti's palace and had been told the other way around.  It doesn't matter really, because whatever I came for the last time I obviously got and it was something I had to do then and now I am completing the puzzle.  I had done the Divine Feminine then and this time I had completed that circle with the Divine Masculine.  Interestingly Nefertiti's Palace this time was sectioned off and we were unable to actually place our feet inside the grounds.

Temple of Thoth of el-Ashmuneim

We moved on after that to a place called Tuna el-Gebel.  Wow!  What can I say, what a lovely little temple dedicated to Thoth.

I've really enjoyed this trip, because,
 I guess I've been visiting same ol same ol for too long and there is still so much more to see in Egypt.  The reliefs on the walls of this little temple were just delightful and really very interesting stories to tell.  It's been a big 6 weeks, so I'm feeling a little tired and my brain is a bit fried and forgetful, so I'm just adding links and you can find out from the cool dudes that know what they are writing about.

Thoth of course has a special place in my heart because it is because of Thoth that I am able to transfer the Keys and Codes and bring through the language of Light.  Somewhere in a far distant past is where my connection comes from.

Ancient Hermopolis

For a long time I had a desire to visit all the sites that the Holy Family visited when they fled Jerusalem with the baby Jesus.  One of the places I had an inkling was outside el-Minya somewhere.  Sure enough the place was the Church of the Virgin Mary at el-Ashmuneim.  I was expecting a Church, but when we arrived it was just ruins.  I didn't know it then because all I saw was an old worn out sign that said Church of the Virgin Mary, but as luck would have it, I was once again in the energy of Thoth.

We wandered around and I was drawn to sit on a rock amongst the brambles to meditate.  Visions of Jesus passed by, but I was a little confused because he was not a baby but an adult, so I'm just guessing he re-visited this site at some point in his life.  Meanwhile the other vision that was flitting in and out was that of a blue rose.  Apparently the blue rose is associated sometimes with Mother Mary, which makes sense given this was the place of the Church of the Virgin Mary, but it is also associated with Mary Magdalene and according to some reading I did, there is an "Order of the Blue Rose" which is an Essene Sect. Still I didn't get it; I thought it was an odd looking church but the guard that wandered around kept pointing directly ahead and making a cross sign, signifying that once there was a church here.  The pillars were very large, more temple-like, but I was tired and didn't really care, I was here for the location and the ruins took second place especially when I was so tired.  However, the later big surprise was that this was an ancient temple site dedicated to Thoth that had been transformed into a Church in the 5th Century AD.  This trip was one mystery tour after another, it was just awesome.  Trust in the Process and things unfold in divine ways.

Full Circle

The funny thing is, while we have come full circle with the LUXOR Light Retreat Centre and Centre for Ascension, it appears I've come full circle with Egypt too.  It's now 11 years since I first entered Egypt in May of 2006.  In October of 2006 I came back and part of my mission was to visit tel el-Amarna.  I haven't returned to tel el-Amarna since and it came about this time because of my client Alessandra who has a deep connection to the Amarna story.  Alessandra asked if during the time she was doing her LUXOR Light Ascension program we could find time to also visit ancient Akhetaten, and so, with my two participants Alessandra and Karen, from the ascension program we made it back to tel el-Amarna to pick up the ascension codes left behind by those who held the Ascension Codes way back when.

We had some very powerful experiences on this trip and there were hot spots scattered around everywhere, which I pick up in an obvious way when my body goes into spontaneous fit-like activations as I re-activate the energies that are still there.  Were the 3 of us around back in the day?  Who knows, but there is always a reason we each tread certain paths and what we pick up we then share as we place our feet on other soils or our energy fields touch others.  I didn't feel particularly powerful energy in the Royal tombs or Tomb of Ay, but there were some hot spots in some of the tombs at Beni Hasan and also as we connected at the little shop at the ticket place.  

The next morning after breakfast we headed home to Luxor, but on the way we stopped at Temple of Hathor at Dendara.  This was a special request for Karen to connect, because Alessandra had been before and I have been on numerous occasions of course.  On the long drive toward Dendarah, our Sayed, my trust driver of 11 years told me of some more exciting visits to make and I'm looking forward to visiting the Home of Mother Tiye at a later date.  My first personal connection with Mother Tiye in this life was in 2009 at Malqata on the West Bank on Luxor where I birthed the alchemy waters that hold the essence of message.

Home again, home again ready to start Level Three of the LUXOR Light Ascension Program and follow on with the Healing Practitioner program at the LUXOR Light Retreat Centre.  Busy, busy, busy!

Hope you got something from the blog!  Come stay at our Retreat Centre and take part in our awesomeness programs!  But that is not all, why not book in now for our next Nile Retreat and Save!



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