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Awakening the White Fire

LUXOR Light and White Ray of Purity
Base of the Spine Chakra White Ray of Purity

Awakening the Shakti, White Fire

The awakened base-of-the-spine chakra (base chakra) focuses the white ray (light of the Divine Mother and sacred fire), also called the Kundalini or Shakti energy.  When the powerful light of the Kundalini is raised up the spinal column, it awakens each chakra along the way and they are then able to fully radiate the same colour of the particular colour ray  it corresponds to. 

When your energy is emanating as a pure and strong energy, it reflects a balanced flow of energy, while a weak, dull or cloudy emanation suggests the flow of energy from that chakra is blocked or obstructed which changes the colour and the chakra can't spin.  If the chakra can't spin, you can't receive the pure divine flow of kundalini energy.

How Do you Raise the Kunalini?

The way you raise the light of the Kundalini is important, because we should never try to force it to awaken and we should be careful not to confuse sexual energy as kundalini energy. This can be dangerous because you run the risk of getting stuck in the lower chakras.  Purifying the chakras is the safest way to raise the kundalini.  You can use meditation, prayer, and mantras other such devotional methods.  The LUXOR Light System of Healing and Meditation is one such divinely inspired system that was shared with ChristinA through the process of her own awakening.

Once awakened and you begin to master the powerful light of the white ray of purity in your base chakra, your life starts to change and you quickly realise that you need a strong discipline and commitment to walk the sacred path of ascension.  A strong commitment toward your spiritual path then enables you to to hold on to this most powerful Shakti energy.  A great force of "right power" shines through you as you begin to live according to the greater harmony that reflects from your inner world  to your outer world.  This in turn touches others around as you now reflect that Light out to the world from the peaceful and harmonious inner world within.

Healing the Chaos Within

If you carry buried anger, and aggression, or have a lot of chaos in your life, or seem to always be playing out the "victim" when something goes wrong in your life, then these are signs that your base of the spine chakra needs healing and balance.   Start to take control, even in small areas of your life where you know you need to place some attention.  This is how the LUXOR Light System of Healing came about.  I had a strong discipline of healing and was teaching those disciplines to others.  My life seemed to have chaos in every corner and I felt the victim also, I must admit.  However, I had a knowing that I was walking a path to my own mastery and I placed diligent effort on understanding myself and seeking to enquire within so that what I experienced could be a teaching tool so I could assist others.  I chose to dedicate my own self-healing to the healing of others. Then I went through a massive awakening and the Ascended Master Serapis Bey took me under his wing and I was divinely guided to create the LUXOR Light System to Ascension, so that I could assist others to move forward in raising their kundalini and awaken the base of the spine chakra.    

Ascended Master Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey is the Ascended Master of the Fourth Ray, also known as the Path to Sirius, or the Path to Harmony through Conflict.  He is the Master of White Ray of Purity teaching us the path of the ascension that leads us to the soul's final reunion with God.  It takes a great deal of Self-mastery to achieve and so how we use the powerful light held in the base of the spine chakra determines to the degree that we climb along the path ascension.

Through the Ascension Temple located in the Etheric realms over Luxor Temple in Egypt,  Ascended Master Serapis Bey, teaches us the art of self-discipline. Your tests are unique to you so you can balance the karma that has been assigned to you for this lifetime.   This is how you free your soul from the bindings of the lower nature so you can raise your consciousness and embody greater Light frequencies.  Archangel Gabriel also assists Ascended Master Serapis Bey to help you better master the white ray qualities of purity, order, joy and discipline.

The New Physical Ascension Retreat

In accordance with Divine Will and the Divine Plan, there is now a "physical" Ascension Retreat in Luxor.  Here at the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension, ChristinA, overshadowed by Ascended Master Serapis Bey, offers ascension retreats to groups or individuals, so that they may awaken the Shakti of the White Ray of Purity at the base of the Spine Chakra and learn how to use this System of Awakening Shakti for their own path of mastery and to assist others in theirs.

Ray Path - Four
Color - White
Petals: 4
God Quality - Purity
Chohan - Serapis Bey
Archangel - Gabriel
Gemstone and crystal - Diamond, Pearl, Zircon, Quartz crystal, White Alabaster
Musical Instrument - Drum, tabla
Etheric Retreat - Luxor, Egypt
Physical Retreat - West Bank, Luxor, Egypt
Gifts - Working of miracles
Day - Friday

Divine Gift of Mantra

Through the Gifts that ChristinA has received, one of them is receiving the Divine Mantras in accordance with the Purpose of calling Home those who are to work with the Base of the Spine Chakra, to walk the path of Ascension on Ray Path Four, the Path to Sirius, healing the chaos within Self first and entering into Harmony in order to assist others.   ChristinA shares these Sacred Mantras with her students of Ascension both at the Retreat and in her Online Programs.   Other Gifts of Awakening that have been witnessed to come in the course of the LUXOR Light System of Ascension are 

The Gift of Awakening to the Languages of Light otherwise known as the Gift of speaking in tongues.
The Gift of Awakening to Powerful Healing Energies,
Seeing of Auras,
Sacred Sounds of the Divine that bring the body back to their pure and natural balanced harmonics.
The Gift of Vision
Union and aligning with the Twin Flame

The Fees to take part in the Ascension Programs enable the upkeep of the Ascension Retreat and for ChristinA to be able to continue to share this Sacred purpose with the world.  If you feel "called" to be a part of this mission, connect with us now at the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension or register for the Online Program Here

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