Sunday, 5 February 2017

Special Healing Requests

Healing Requests

Special Healing Requests

We have had a special request and I would like to honour that request. Many people around the world are sick right now and need healing and loving thoughts. One of the focuses of LUXOR Light, is to hold the immaculate concept for healing. This means holding pure thought on behalf of another or others. We have a very powerful process for distant healing and this has been my main focus for many years now. It matters not wherever I am or the individual is that needs healing. What matters is that the intention is held for long enough that the power behind the healing thoughts and energy being sent is received by the individual in need, so they may receive the healing light that enables them to make a shift and ultimately some form of healing can occur. That healing may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The outcome is for the individuals highest good.

For many years I have traveled to special and sacred places and used these opportunities to send healing to anyone who chose to be open to receiving. It is a great heart connection between us and healing can occur.

Healing Temple and Meditation Centre

On March 3, I begin a new journey and the work of LUXOR Light takes a new phase as we open our Healing Temple and Meditation Centre in Luxor. We will have 8 days of focused healing intention and I would like to extend the offer for anyone who is in need of healing on any level, or who knows someone who is in need of healing, to place their names in the comment box and I will transfer all names to a special healing book that will be included in all the celebrations, all the meditations and all the healing moments that we will be initiating. I will keep the book with me, including on the Heavenly Harmonious Nile Retreat from March 11 - 17. Names can always continue to be placed on this list and it will come to my attention and I will place my focused attention to each and every name. That will be a 2 week journey of healing. During this time it is good for the individuals receiving to be aware that they are indeed in a process of receiving healing. The healing is then amplified and the outcome more powerful. If the individual can keep pure thought on behalf of themselves at the same time, rest when rest is needed, sleep when sleep is needed and answer the call to receive the highest Divine Light that is intended to be sent, we never know, miracles just may happen.

I send infinite Love and Healing Blessings to all who chose to take this journey of healing with us.
~ ChristinA 

LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Retreat Centre in Luxor, Egypt. ~ Please place your names in the comment box Here and feel free to share the post so the healing can be spread far and wide.

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