Friday, 10 February 2017

Ma Ray ~ The Mother Ray

"Mother Mary" is the Mother Ray, bringing you the "Ma Ray" Magenta Ray.... enjoy the music and welcome the Mother Ray and simply "Let it Be"... there will be an answer! 

One of the techniques I have found helpful when my etheric field has been depleted has been to visualise myself being wrapped up like a mummy only the bandages are magenta. Wrap and wrap and wrap yourself so that you have a nice strong and secure bandaging all around your body at least an inch or so thick, but you must be sure the bandaging is magenta because magenta is the colour/frequency that rebuilds a weakened or damaged etheric field. The etheric field, or the Ka Body is that body that follows the contour of the physical body. It is also called the "health body". It acts like a forcefield and it is this body that houses the chakras and allows the light to be fed into our energy centres so we can maintain a healthy physical body. 

For the Ascension process we also need a strong and healthy etheric field / Ka Body so that we are able to receive the full force of the greater influxes of Light that are bestowed upon us as we raise our frequencies that enable us to awaken to the greater consciousness. Therefore daily practices of strengthening our etheric field are not only useful but vital if we wish to be able to carry greater levels of Light.

So wrap yourself into a magenta mummy and then to complete and secure that process imagine you are being passed through a tunnel of Magenta Light and allow that light to be infused throughout your body. The Magenta Light is a very high frequency being the invisible meeting point on the light spectrum between the violet and red rays. It anchors us between Heaven (violet) and Earth (Red), in other words it brings together the Father and Mother Rays anchoring what we more commonly call Heaven on Earth.

Because Magenta is such a high frequency it holds the ability to heal all manner of physical dis ease at a rapid rate. Try a daily dose of magenta and allow the healing on all levels to take place.

You can also find a gentle boost of magenta on the link below....

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