Sunday, 5 February 2017

Healing Clinic in Luxor

On a Mission of Healing

In the past I have gone into peoples home in New Gurna on the West Bank of Luxor, to give healing to the local villagers.  I adjusted my way of working to meet with the comfort of the individual, so they didn't feel anxious at all.  Many of those who received healing were suffering from physical pain due to the hard life they have.  My clients were a mix of men and women and some children simply because they wanted to be part of it all.  All clients expressed a desire for me to return because they felt immediate physical relief.  One woman had not been able to walk without limping in pain and after the healing she was so excited that she could climb the stairs without struggling and without pain that she kept saying to her son in Arabic in an excited voice  "when is she coming back, when is she coming back!"

Sacred Sound Healing

The sounds you can hear are unlocking sounds that come through me when someone has strong blockages that can create discomfort on physical and emotional levels.  My healing gift is a remembrance from ancient times, most likely ancient Egyptian times, because I have a very strong connection to this area of the world.  I'm able to transfer my gift to others to open to healing in the same way and that is where I place my focus.  I am able to assist others to raise their consciousness to the degree that their healing abilities open to the ancient Sounds of Light and Languages of Light.  My gift is a gift to the world and through my work with those who can afford to pay me for my services, I am able to help others who can't.  It becomes a transference on many levels and where everyone benefits, and ultimately Humanity benefits.

The Gift of Giving

Egyptians have a wonderful gift of hospitality.  My aim is to give, but they always asked me to stay for something to eat and a drink.  I really enjoy all of that, but it meant I could not see many people.  So, now, with the Healing Clinic opening soon at our LUXOR Light Meditation Centre and Healing Temple I will be able to have one or two days allocated specifically for the healing clinic for the locals.

If you would like to follow the journey please do connect with me and if you would like to know how you can also become a part of this, you can begin taking part in the courses I offer so you can also carry this healing flame for the benefit of humanity and maybe you too can come and volunteer in the clinic to assist the Egyptian people.

Keeping it real is the aim.  No fuss, no fancy pants ego nonsense, just pain and pure healing opportunities for those who need it.  I am very lucky to have the support of many Egyptian locals and especially by local Sufi Healer, Sheik Jabir el Cott, an old blind Holy Man that so many of the locals go to for healing and guidance.  I Am Infinitely Blessed...

Infinite Blessings to you

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