Sunday, 29 January 2017

February Energies

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February energies of Yellow to Illuminate you!

February Energy Blessings

Wow, what blessings are being bestowed upon us in the month of February!

The vibrations are really something else under this influence.  Numerologicaly it resonates to the World Card in Tarot and the 21/3 energies.  So, we have the influences of the 1, 2 and 3 although naturally not in that order.  We are reminded to create from our seeds and intentions that we planted in January and the New Moon that we are just moving out of and then we shall reap the joy and wonderment of our creations!

February's Gifts

February shares the bounty that comes with the tine or the trinity energy.  Life becomes effortless if you are in tune with what is on offer energetically and you can tap into your inner gifts and embrace the advantage of opportunities offered.  Don't ignore them!

February holds the energy of the path of least resistance, but that should not mean that you go all lack lustre and ignore opportunity!

This is a most luminous months and lustrous month because yellow is the most luminous colour of our spectrum and the 3 energy is yellow!

So Let the Light Shine On In!

Yellow Brightens our World

The Energies of February give us a most magnanimous gift, so take notice of what the blessings are that are here for you!

This month holds so much light, just like the vibration of yellow, vibrating to the numerical vibration of 3 it offers you spiritual upliftment and resonates with God Realisation and Christ Consciousness.

Make the most of this month!

Yellow Affirmation for February

I do not let that which shines for me to go unnoticed!  I see the brightness of every opportunity and I immerse myself in the Luminous Light of the Universal energies.

I too do shine!

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