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Die to the Old Self

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Dying to the Old Self

I realise now, that earlier last year in February on my arrival into Luxor, that I was indeed Birthing a New Reality again. Signing off on an old life and awakening to a new one. Now I can see what I was awakening to and how relevant that it should be near the Valley of the Kings, the Gateway to the Underworld that we must all pass through to enter the world of Osiris.... 

I wrote a blog, not knowing what was coming 9 months later... life is always a mystery unfolding.  

We have to die to the old Self before we can be reborn into the new.  Each time my life has needed to turn a corner in my spiritual life, I have been through a death process.  This happens to all of us and when we understand the process of ascension or our spiritual evolution we can follow the major steps along our path.  The very same steps that everyone must undertake at some time in their spiritual life.

Dark Night of the Soul

In my previous "deaths" in this life, I have passed through a "Dark Night of the Soul".  This time, I didn't have to go through the depression and the pain of the emotional body, nor the mental turmoil of the mind.  This time, I passed through in a deep samadhi state.  But, just like my other passing through the dark nights, I did not know what was to come.  Each time I have passed through a dark night of the Soul and come out the other end, I have been gifted with something.  

Gifts of Awakening

My first Dark Night, I awakened to the Divine Energy of the Lineage we are calling LUXOR Light for want of a name to associate with it, not knowing the direct master who has passed it down.  I awakened to my own Divinity, a gift of past incarnational growth.  

The second Dark Night of the Soul, I was gifted with awakening to the language of Light including Keys and Codes of the Enochian Wisdoms (Thoth, Hermes, Enoch).  

The third Dark Night of the Soul I was gifted with the Sacred Sounds of Creation that we now call Ametron Truth Sacred Sound Healing.  

And now, through this fourth death process (or completion of a death process) where I passed through the dark halls of the Valley of darkness and out into the World of Osiris, I am gifted with a very human gift, a new mission, where my True Self can be an instrument of the Divine sharing my gifts for the betterment of others spiritual growth.  I have been gifted with the place, the temple, the location for LUXOR Light to open to the world.  Previously, I had to wander, and could only reach a few, but now, we have the place where the energy of LUXOR Light, this divine frequency can build and open a new portal so that others can come and be immersed in this sacred flame.  We reignite the fire within through the process we call the LUXOR Light Ascension Program.  Where people can come, be immersed or spend time becoming torch bearers and flame carriers of this Sacred Flame.

We are all part of a Greater Plan

When we die to the self we realise that we have incarnated for a reason and that we are part of a Greater Plan.  When we die to our self, we cease to exist as we were and therefore we are no longer the reason for existing.  It is no longer about the individual, no longer are we the centre of our own universe and it is no longer about arranging the world to fit the personality.  If you are reading this, I`m sure you are aware of this, but, knowing this and reaching the divine point of turning are two different things.  We walk this path with the knowing that we all have a greater plan and a specific purpose, but patience must prevail and perseverance must persist.  There should be no desire for anything other than to fulfill the greater purpose of the Greater Self that chose to come here to this incarnation to fulfil our divine missions.

I wrote a blog called "Through the Halls of Darkness" in February 2016 after my deep Samadhi state.  You can read it here.  I had no idea what was about to unfold, but a year filled with incredible experiences from awakening to the connection with my Twin Flame, to being surprised how I would come to the conclusion that when I came to the meeting of my exact other half, it would propel me into a place of a deeper connection with my Higher Self, that it was no longer necessary to have or not have that connection as a relationship.  The ultimate reason for twin flames is to trigger greater growth within the individual and to dredge out any remaining darkness so that the flame of the individual, which is now in total unification with or as the One, no longer needs the other.  

My Twin Flame Mission is just beginning, but it has not come about by what the ego or personality ideal of a twin flame mission would be.  We came together and now I have released the need to be together; we are in each others lives, but not with expectation or attachment as to how that is to be.  Now with total unconditional love acceptance that nothing is ever as it seems, the mission propels forward in its new dynamic.  What follows we do no know, what matters is the Now, the Mission and the purpose of the death of the self and the rebirth of another New Reality.

Don't forget to read "Through the Halls of Darkness" and also come and Retreat with me at the LUXOR LIght Centre for Ascension.

Infintie Blessings to you!

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